Clash Royale eSports Game Betting Guide

What is Clash Royale?


Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game, a spin-off of Clash of Clans. Both games were developed by a Finnish company Supercell, available on iOS and Android mobile devices.


The game blends gameplay of a multiplayer battle arena, tower defense and collectible card games. Before the match start, the player needs to create an eight card deck that he will then utilise during the match. In its most popular game mode, two players compete against each other, with the winning condition being the destruction of the opponent's main King tower.


Clash Royale Esports Scene


Due to the ease of access, original concept that isn't just a downgraded version of a computer video game, and its availability to most of the people who own mobile devices, Clash Royale got quite popular, and gave way for players to become quite skilled at this game, and to start forming a more professional scene.


With its release in 2016, several small scale tournaments were organised following that year, but during 2017 Supercell organised the King's Cup II tournament and the Crown Championship, that offered almost half a million dollars in prize money in total.


In the beginning of 2018, Supercell introduced the Clash Royale League, created with the thought of giving players a fair chance of proving themselves, and getting a spot on a professional team, to compete against each other for an opportunity to participate in the World Finals.


In 2019, Dreamhack also joined the Clash Royale esports scene by hosting the DreamHack Mobile Series at Dallas, where players competed for a $20,000 prize pool.


Clash Royale League


The format of the Crash Royale League is quite unique compared to other esports titles, as the League is divided into 4 stages.


Stage 1: 20-Win Challenge


The Clash Royale League season starts with an online Global Tournament, where any player can test their strengths and participate in a 20-win Special Event. Those players who succeed in acquiring 20 wins in that event, move on to their respective region Combine Qualifiers.


Stage 2: Combine Qualifiers


The Combine Qualifiers is a live event, where the winning players from the 20-Win Challenge compete, with the representatives of esports teams spectating the event, in order to fill out their team with the most promising players, and move to the third stage of the season.



Stage 3: Clash Royale League


The main stage of the season, where teams compete against each other in their respective regions for nine weeks. The tournament format also changes, as during the League, teams battle against each other in three modes: 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2 and King of the Hill.


The teams that win 2 out of 3 of these game modes gain a win. By the end of the season, the teams that have acquired the most wins in their region, move on to the fourth and last stage of the season, the World Finals.


Stage 4: World Finals


This is the most important stage, that is held at the end of the season, where the best teams from all the Clash Royale League regions compete for the title of World Champions and prizes.


Before you start betting


As with any Esports, before you start betting, you should first learn the ropes of how this game works, what cards to build, what is considered “meta” at the time, and which card combinations work for different situations.


Like any other esports title, Clash Royale constantly introduces new patch notes and balance changes, to keep the game up to date, and to let the players adapt and come up with new card decks and strategies, thus to make the best betting predictions, you should always review your game knowledge, and be on the lookout of the patch changes.


Due to this, once you have decided which regions or teams to follow, you need to start learning as to which players prefer to play which strategies and card decks. Luckily, you can find videos of most professional players online, and videos or reviews of previous tournaments, giving you an opportunity to learn their playstyle and give an edge while betting.


Main Betting Markets


As Clash Royale's professional scene is still in its early stages, and with the prize pools being on a much more modest side than other esports titles, bookmakers do not provide a more wider market offering.


Match Winner


One of the most common markets, that came over from the traditional sports.

This is the market, where you simply bet on which team will reign victorious by the end of the game.




Betting on outrights, is similar to traditional sports betting, where you don't bet on a particular match, but on the outcome of the whole event.

This type of market is much more prone to player errors, as this market goes for a longer period of time, during which a team you've placed a bet on, could have a hiccup during a tournament but eventually come back and win the competition.