League of Legends eSports Game Betting Guide

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends, also known as LoL, is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), developed by Riot Games, with its design based on a modification of Warcraft III – Defense of the Ancients.

In this game, each player picks a role and a champion, and through teamwork and champion combinations, fight against the enemy team, to eventually become victorious, by destroying the enemy primary structure – Nexus.


League of Legends in Esports

Two years past its release date in 2009, the first major professional tournament was held at Dreamhack in Sweden, thus beginning the rise of LoL as an esports. To this day, LoL is still one of the most popular esports, with its last year's World Championship bringing in a $6,5 million prize pool, and 99.6 million unique views.


Main Events in League of Legends

The 2019 Season brings out the three fan-favorite international events: Rift Rivals, MSI and the World Championship. Beyond that, Riot Games hosts professional leagues in 13 regions.


World Championship is the culminating point of the 2019 League of Legends competitive season, with 24 teams battling against each other, to win the title of world champions.

The 24-team format is a new addition, compared to the previous years 16-team group stage format, the change was made due to more regions having their own professional leagues, and to give each region a chance to have their own representative at this event, as before that, teams from only 5 regions were contesting at this event (South Korea, China, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia).


Mid-Season Invitational, also known as MSI, is an international event that is held between the first and second splits for all regions, divided into two stages: Play-In and Main Event.

Ten teams battle out in the Play-In stage to gain one of the three spots in the Main Event,

while teams from China, Europe and South Korea gain a direct invitation to the Main Event stage.

In the Main Event, six teams play out a double Round Robin, with four top teams progressing to the Knockout Stage, where they compete for the title of MSI champions.


Rift Rivals takes its place in the middle of Summer, which differs in its format the other international events, as it hosts 5 LAN tournaments across the globe, dividing the 13 regions into 5 groups. This events has the smallest prize pool out of the three, and serves more as bragging rights for the winning regions.


The importance of knowledge

Whether you are a long-time fan of LoL, and have spent countless hours playing it, or a newcomer, who wants to learn how to bet successfully on League of Legends, before you start placing bets you need to learn how to bet, and what to bet on.

Due to Riot Games constantly balancing out the game, and introducing new patches, sometimes bringing out new items and champions, the game is always evolving. In order to make a winning bet, you need to prepare to work hard, and learn what information and game changes will be your winning edge when placing a bet.

As with these changes, professional players adapt to them too, introducing new tactical plays and item builds, that can weaken the top-tier teams, and bring out a lower tier team into the spotlight.

Main betting markets

Match Winner

One of the most common markets, that came over from the traditional sports.

This is the market, where you simply bet on which team will reign victorious by the end of the game.


Asian Handicap

Due to not all the matchups played being a strict 50-50 in terms of team's strength, this market, which was created long before esports became popular, tries to even out the chances of both sides, by giving the weaker team a positive handicap (advantage), and the stronger team a negative handicap (disadvantage).

With this bet, in order to the win the positive handicap, the team must win the match or lose by less than the handicap's value. In turn, a bet on a side with the negative handicap can only be won if that side wins by more than the handicap's value.


Total Markets

These are the markets, where you bet on a certain event condition being over or under a certain amount, that is set by the bookmaker.

The markets can differ from a bookmaker to bookmaker, but in League of Legends, you will most likely find markets for total of maps in a game (every BoX format, besides Bo1), total of kills, dragons, Baron Nashors and towers during a map.


Before starting to bet

To make a profit from betting on League of Legends, figure out which percentage of your disposable income can you devote to betting, and learn the current bookmaker offerings. Learn to be patient, and don't ever place big bets just because.