PUBG eSports Game Betting Guide

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, commonly knows as PUBG, is a Battle Royale first-person-shooter developed by PUBG Corporation.

The game's primary goal is simple: be the last player or team standing. As the game starts, up to one hundred solo players or squads parachute from a plane to different areas of the map, where equipment and weapons are randomly placed, for which players need to scavenge, and to keep the game progressing, a blue circle start moving, shrinking the available play-zone, making players move closer to each other, as the circle does considerate damage.


PUBG in Esports

The easy to approach gameplay and high replayability were the game's main success. In 2017, Bluehole announced the 2017 Charity Invitational event, giving out invites to 128 players to compete on their Twitch channel, raising over $200,000, and becoming the first PUBG esports event.

In the same year, Bluehole and ESL organized the first Battlegrounds Invitational event, featuring a $350,000 prize pool.

As of now, hundreds of tournaments are hosted globally, and to create a more defined competition for the professional players, PUBG Corporation decided to create the PUBG Global Championship circuit.


PUBG Global Championship

Since January 2019, the road to the Global Championship is now divided into three phases, each of these phases is further divided into nine regional tournaments held across the world, that start and end at the same time, as between the phases, the best teams of each region will compete against each other at a tournaments organized by third parties. In the third phase, teams who will achieve the best results will go on to compete in the Global Championship, featuring a prize pool of $2 million and the title of best PUBG players.

Phases are a one month seasonal tournament hosted in 9 regions, where 16 teams compete against each other for a varying prize pool, and as the scoring is different to other esports, in Phases teams gain points based on their performance during the matches, and based on the points total, before the end of the third phase, top 4 teams are invited to the third party tournaments.


Building up knowledge

If you've played it before, or are a newcomer to this game, prior to betting you need to learn how the game is actually played, as the battle royale genre is much more different than any other genre on the esports scene. With the added randomness, from the random spawns of equipment and weapons, that can range from having a top-tier weapon from the start, to not getting anything by the end of the match, to the volatility of the blue circle movement, almost not a single match is the same to another.

Due to this, at a professional level of play, teams rely on their map and area knowledge. To learn who to bet on, you need to watch how the teams play in every region, what are their preferred tactics, weapons and style of playing the game.


Main betting markets

As the game is still relatively young in the esports scene, and it commonly features 16 teams competing against each other on the same map, bookmakers rarely offer any markets beside match winner for the map, and outright for the event.


Match Winner

One of the most common markets, that came over from the traditional sports.

This is the market, where you simply bet on which team will reign victorious by the end of the game.



Betting on outrights, is similar to traditional sports betting, where you don't bet on a particular match, but on the outcome of the whole event.

This type of market is much more prone to team errors, as this market goes for a longer period of time, during which a team you've placed a bet on, could have a hiccup during a tournament but eventually come back and win the competition.