Rainbow Six eSports Game Betting Guide

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, also known as R6 and Rainbow Six Siege, is a online tactical shooter, developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

At the core of the game, it bears some similarities to its much older counterpart, Counter Strike, with the main game modes featuring defusing a bomb or rescuing a hostage.

In the game, the players choose the role of being the attacker of defendant, and through cooperation, destructive environments and tools achieving the goal of the mode.


Rainbow Six Siege in Esports

After a quite shaky release, two months after that, Ubisoft organised the first Pro League Circuit, which after two years, would change the format to the one that is used up to this day: the Pro and Challenger leagues.

Besides the official leagues, third parties also organise tournament, major and minor throughout the year, with DreamHack being the leading organiser, as it provides several professional level tournaments a year, where 12 teams are invited directly based on their performance in their respective regions, and 4 teams advancing to the Group Stage of the tournament through the BYOC Qualifier.


Pro League

The Pro League is the top tier league for Rainbow Six Siege, organised by ESL in association with Ubisoft.

The League hosts leagues in 4 regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

During the season, teams play a double round robin, best-of-one style matches, with a recently added rule format, where teams switch sides after six round are played, and need in order to win the map, they need to win seven rounds with a two round advantage.

The top two teams of each of the four regions advance to the Pro League Finals stage, while bottom two are relegated.


Pro League Finals

Pro League Finals feature 8 top teams from all of the four regions, competing against each other in a best-of-three Single Elimination bracket, for a prize pool of $167,000 and a title of Pro League Season champions.


Challenger League

The Challenger League is considered to be the second best league for professional players to compete, meant to be a proving ground, giving the teams the chance to show themselves to the rest of the world, and to prove their right to compete in the Pro League.

The Challenger League features a lot more regions than its Pro League counterpart, further dividing the Asia-Pacific into 4 more regions.

The rule set and format of play is identical to that of the Pro League, with the only addition made of a Playoffs stage, where teams, who ranked top 4 during the season, play against each other, for the chance to get the first place, and a direct qualification to the next season of the Pro League, while second place get qualified to the Pro League Relegation stage, where they will need to prove themselves against the bottom ranked Pro League teams, in order to secure their spot in the main league.

The third and fourth place are automatically qualified to the next season of the Challenger series.


Importance of knowledge

For only the past couple of years Rainbow Six Siege is starting to get more exposure in the esports scene, and with the well established league format, bookmakers are starting to offer some tournaments, though currently the Pro League seasonal matches and finals are getting more exposure and offerings, while minor tournaments are still under represented.

Thus if you want to bet on Rainbow Six Siege, you need to learn how the game is actually played, and learn what teams play in every region, to pick out the region that you want to follow, as the process of researching and analysing will take a lot of time and patience, as you will need to look through a lot of videos and players' information, to learn their team strategies, what maps they favour, what are their strong points, and where do they stumble.

Prior to the match, the teams go through the pick and ban phase, similar to that of the “map vetoing” in CS:GO, where teams go in rounds picking out a map they want to play, and which they ban. Sometimes due to rule set changes, some maps can be banned prior to the beginning of the tournament.


Main betting markets


Match Winner

One of the most common markets, that came over from the traditional sports.

This is the market, where you simply bet on which team will reign victorious by the end of the game.


Asian Handicap

Due to not all the matchups played being a strict 50-50 in terms of team's strength, this market, which was created long before esports became popular, tries to even out the chances of both sides, by giving the weaker team a positive handicap (advantage), and the stronger team a negative handicap (disadvantage).

With this bet, in order to the win the positive handicap, the team must win the match or lose by less than the handicap's value. In turn, a bet on a side with the negative handicap can only be won if that side wins by more than the handicap's value.


Total Markets

These are the markets, where you bet on a certain event condition being over or under a certain amount, that is set by the bookmaker.

In Rainbow Six Siege, you will most likely find markets for total of maps (over/under) during a match.



Betting on outrights, is similar to traditional sports betting, where you don't bet on a particular match, but on the outcome of the whole event.

This type of market is much more prone to team errors, as this market goes for a longer period of time, during which a team you've placed a bet on, could have a hiccup during a tournament but eventually come back and win the competition.