Live Betting Odds Bet Guide

Did you ever have a hard time finding the right site to place a live bet on Esports? Do you hate low-quality Bookmakers who constantly block Live betting during the match? If your answer is Yes, keep reading and you will find everything you need to know about top places for Live Esports Betting. We would talk about live betting in general, tips for live betting, and, of course, the best live esports odds.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting (somewhere referred as In-Play) is one of the most popular ways of betting in esports. Live betting means that you are betting on a match that is being played at that moment. People use this option widely mostly because it is way more fun than usual betting. More and more bookmakers are supporting that feature, and you should find it on any major betting site. Keep in mind that live betting requires more knowledge than normal betting because it is important that you can predict the outcome of some crucial moments. Also, it is important to know that odds can change a lot in a short period of time during live betting. That is why it is important to watch live streams and react fast at the right time. 

Where to watch live matches?

You have probably heard about the popular streaming platforms Youtube and Both platforms are reliable but when it comes to the live betting it is better to watch games on Twitch. Youtube is often lagging behind and we all know that seconds can be crucial in live betting. Some bookmakers even have a live stream on their sites but Twitch is still faster. Just use Twitch and you would be good. 

Types of Betting

Different bookmakers have different types of betting. Also, major tournaments have better coverage so it is expected that during those tournaments there are more types of betting. There is always classic "who is going to win a match" during live betting, but there also might be "total amount of rounds during a match" or "which will be the result at the end" and such. Of course, those types also depend on a video game that is being played. If you wish to bet on a special live bet make sure to visit GG.Bet and Betway. They have the best coverage when it comes to special live betting and live esports betting in general. 

The Best Live Esports Odds

This is where we will help you. There are a lot of bookmakers that are supporting esports live betting because it is currently the fastest growing betting trend. A lot of them are not trusty, and of course, some of them have really bad odds. So, we will eliminate those sites, find the ones that are trustworthy, that have great live betting coverage, and also, that have the best live esports betting odds. Moreover, it is important that the site has good security, customer service, and welcome bonuses. We will make sure that all of those features are on point.

Why Are Odds Important?

Better odds means more profit for you. Even a slightly different value means better profit in the long run. This is why it is important to do proper research before making the first bet. You could go and check every popular bookmaker and compare their odds, or you can just stay here because we would do that for you. We here at Online Esports got you cover so you don't have to waste time by comparing odds from all the betting sites and you can use that time on researching teams and such. Just visit our page with the list of Top Bookmakers on the market and pick a right site for you. (interlink list of affiliated bookmakers here later)

Why do Odds Change that fast?

A lot of stuff is happening during matches and the whole match can change in the blink of an eye. That is the main reason bookmakers are constantly changing odds during live betting. With this in mind, it is good to have good knowledge about a video game that you are betting in. Being able to predict the outcome of a crucial moment is a huge advantage for you in live esports betting.

Tips For Live Betting

1. Be familiar with the game

One of the most important things in live betting is that you chose a game you are familiar with. As already mentioned, it is important to predict outcomes and being familiar with a game will help you with that.

2. Be fast

You must fast so make sure to use fast and reliable Bookmakers. Odds can change quickly, and if you are fast enough you can react before odds change. But be careful that you don't make a bet after it changed. Paying attention to odds is crucial in live betting. 

3. Have a bankroll

The best method of controlling your bets is to have a bankroll. Chose the amount of money you are willing to spend per month and make it your bankroll. Never spend more than that. Most bookmakers even offer you to set monthly deposit limits. I did it and believe me, it is the best decision I ever made.  

4. Never go all-in.

Simple as that, you should never place your whole bankroll on a single match. It is too risky, and generally, it is better to bet on multiple things. If you are certain in your bet and you think you would 100% get it right, make a max bet amount. For example, your max bet should be between 10% and 30% of your bankroll. 

5. Don't bet on your favourite team

Avoid betting on your favourite team, you can't be objective when it comes to your favourite team. Sit tight, relax and watch their games without betting on them.

6. You can't win every time

This is gambling after all, you can't win every time. If you are on a losing streak you should keep calm and stay smart. Don't look at this as you source of income because it is not.

7. Follow Online Esports

We have a team of professional tipsters who would provide you with the best in-depth analysis and betting predictions. Make sure to follow our site and read our daily predictions.