What are eSports? Bet Guide

You might be an avid video game player or someone who hasn't operated a controller for decades, it's unlikely that you haven't heard of ESports (at least in recent times). The business of ESports is expected to reach a value of as many as $1.5 billion in the next twelve months. So, even if you are not aware of what ESports are, it's high time that you get acquainted with the phenomenon.  

What ESports actually are?  

The simplest definition of ESports would be, multiplayer video games played competitively by professional gamers (mostly) for spectators. The procedure varies from one game to another. However, the majority of these games are team games and are played in tournaments or leagues all through the year. The finalists are decided based on the results of the league games. Many of these tournaments or leagues are area-specific. This means, most of them would only allow you to see European teams play with each other or North American franchises take on other franchises of the continent. There are also games that follow a one-on-one format.   

A brief history of ESports  

You are wrong if you think that ESports have been around just for a few years. The craze began way back during the 1950s. That was the time when people started playing video games and competitions on console or PC were also very much on. There were also games that were played using the earliest version of a joystick. The 60s saw the first ever ESports tournament. The game played by the participating teams of that tournament was Spacewar. The team winning the tournament was given an annual subscription to the famous Rolling Stone magazine. The 70s was about the introduction and popularization of home consoles and arcades. The year 1972 saw the introduction of the first-ever game console designed to be connected to TV sets. It was called Magnavox Odyssey. This was followed by the advent of arcades. Arcades allowed common people to play on machines like Pong. Things became even more competitive when permanent high-score lists came into being.   The 1980s played a crucial role in making ESports a bigger sensation primarily due to the launch of the very first video game referee service. The 90s, on the other hand, was all about the introduction of advanced technology. The betterment in the world of technology made cyber sports more suitable for common people. This was the time when video games reached almost every household around the globe.   Technological advancements remained constant even during the 2000s.

The concept of ESports became a reality thanks to the launch of Electronic Sports World Cup in 2003. However, the biggest sensation was caused by the launch of CGS or Championship Gaming Series in 2007. Since then, ESports has only grown in popularity. People have even started earning a living just by participating in various Esports tournaments and leagues. Some of them have earned millions of dollars by playing these video games.  Which games can be categorized as ESports?   ESports can have various formats. However, recent trends show that they are primarily of two kinds, MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena) and first-person shooters.   MOBAs are usually about a couple of teams or heroes possessing unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Players play these games with the aim of killing their opponents and gaining advantages.

The primary goal of teams playing MOBAs is destroying their opponent's base.   One of the most widely participated MOBA is League of Legends. The game sees two teams (each having five players) take on each other. In this game, players play with the aim of destroying their opponent's nexus, which is a structure lying at the center of a defensive structure. The other MOBA that enjoys enormous popularity if Dota 2.

The goal of players playing first-person shooters or FPS can differ from one game to another. For example, in a game such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the player will only need to focus on killing the opposition. In the case of games like Overwatch, on the other hand, the participating teams fight with each other over a particular location.   The list of popular ESports of current times also includes card games, strategy games, fighting games, and sports games. The games of the FIFA series, for instance, have gained significant popularity in the past few years. In fact, several major soccer clubs have FIFA players of their own who play the video game.