Pinnacle Review

Pinnacle Overview

Pinnacle review

Pinnacle is an online bookmaker that was founded in 1998. It is available in over 100 countries, and their headquarters are located on the island of Curacao of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. Pinnacle is one of the first bookmakers to offer odds on esports in 2010. Currently, esports is one of the largest markets in terms of volume on their website.

Pros and Cons

+ Highest odds on the market
+ Reliable site
+ https secure encryption
+ High payout limits

- No Welcome bonus 
- A lot of restricted countries

Pinnacle website

Pinnacle has a nicely designed website. On top of it, you have a login and register buttons, and you can choose which odds you prefer, decimal or American. Also on the top of the page, you have main sections of the page, such as Sports Betting, Casino, Featured Casino, Esports, Betting Resources, and Mobile. In the middle, you can see matches that are live, and that have live betting supported.

We would go through each of those main sections and explain them to you:

Sports Betting

Pretty self-explanatory. This section is for sports betting. Pinnacle supports a huge variety of sports, such as soccer, rugby, hockey, and others. All of them you can check on the left side of the page when you press "Sports Betting" on the top. You can bet on multiple things in each section and there are also special bets which you can combine with any regular sports bet. 

Casino and Featured Casino

Casino section contains Slots, Live Casino, Table Games, and Video Poker. If you love those types of betting, you are nicely covered. They have a variety of slots in their offer and some of the best casino providers like NetEnt. Casino section also includes some special bonuses and cash backs. At the time of writing of this text, there is a special offer of 20% Cashback on Blackjack every Wednesday.

Virtual Sports

This section contains games such as Instant Football, Virtual Rugby, Maxcar Motor Racing and such. Virtual sports support outright betting, pre-match betting and live betting. 


Pinnacle supports multiple Esports games. There is a whole section on the site dedicated only to Esports. Esports section does not only show upcoming matches, but it also shows news, blogs and scheduled tournaments in different games. So, if you are thinking about using Pinnacle and bet in esports, I highly recommend that you check out their news, so you can prepare for upcoming matches and keep track with your favourite teams. Also, when you are looking at current matches you can choose from 3 odds format: decimal, American and percentage.

Betting Resources

This section is basically a news section. Here you can check out the latest news about teams or players. This is a pretty important part of the site because you can easily learn about upcoming matches. Remember that betting requires a lot of knowledge about teams and players, it is not only based on luck. So, always keep yourself informed before making any bets. This part of the website is always updated so you do not have to worry about outdated pieces of information.


Pinnacle has a mobile version and you can download it from their website. You can always check live odds on it and you can even use Casino, which has over 25 unique mobile games. Application is easy to use and well designed.


Pinnacle does NOT offer any bonuses or rebates on your first bets. This is because they are sure that they have the best odds that you can find. They even say that they have 60% better odds than their competitors. With that, they believe that their odds provide a far better value than any bonuses you can find. After all, those bonuses always demand some silly wager requirements and it is almost impossible to withdraw any of the bonus money because you will eventually lose it before reaching the wagering requirement. 

Betting Options

Pinnacle offers a huge variety of betting options. Of course, they depend on sports, games, and tournaments. The most popular types are 1x2, total, live betting, accumulator, handicap, matchup, and others.

Live Betting

Of course, Pinnacle offers live betting. You can check live games on the left side of the website, under Live In-play column. For example, you can see esports and when you press on it, you can see in which games there is currently a matchup and which type of the tournament it is. There are multiple betting options. Also, be careful when live betting because odds are changing constantly!


Deposit and Withdraw

Pinnacle has numerous payment options that are available, and they are determined by the currency that you chose. However, deposit method vary from country to country so make sure to select the right one before making any deposit. All withdrawals must be made through the same method that was used to make a deposit. However, they sometimes may allow you to withdraw to a payment method from which your original deposit did not originate, but this will always be subject to additional security checks.

Customer Service

If you have any problems you can contact their technical support via e-mail or live chat. Both of those are available 24/7. Live chat is instant, you do not have to wait for a long time. Also, you can check their frequently asked questions.


Are there any restricted countries on Pinnacle?

Yes, you should check that before you register. Restricted countries are:
USA, France, UK, Netherlands including Curacao, Span, Germany, Singapore, North Korea, Denmark, Philippines, Syria, Turkey, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sudan, Australia, Italy, Iran, Slovenia, and Sweden

What do they guarantee to users?

They are always offering the lowest margins to give customers the best value odds online. They are consistently offering the highest maximum bet limits online.

Why should  I use Pinnacle if there is no welcome bonus?

Despite the lack of bonuses, Pinnacle always has the best odds on the market and you would earn more money on a long-run even without any bonuses with .