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Rivalry Overview

Rivalry Review

Are you looking for a review of Esports Bookmakers Rivalry. We got you covered. Stay tuned and read our full in-depth Rivalry Review.

Rivalry is a bookmaker that is focused on esports betting online. The site is launched in early 2018. They are regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. They are also the official sponsor of the Fnatic team.

Pros & Cons:

+ User-friendly site
+ Welcome Bonus
+ Thunderdome free bet
+ Live Chat Support

- Esports Only
- Few live bets

Rivalry Website

Rivalry website is really pretty and easy to use. Live and the most important matches of the day are located right in the middle of the website. News, upcoming tournaments, and sponsors are located at the bottom, and main sections are at the top.

Main sections of the website are Thunderdome, VIP Club, Watch, Resources, Games, and Matches.


The most spectacular feature about this site is surely Thunderdome. In this section, you will be able to find contests. Entering a contest is free of charge. After entering the contest you will have to make picks and if you have enough correct picks, you will win real money prizes. Each contest has its own prize pool jackpot and the best player from the contest will win it. For example; At the moment, there is a #67: The Summit Rolls On contest. For 9 correct picks, you will be awarded $100, for 8 you will get $50 and if you win the contest you will get additional Jackpot of $350USD.

VIP Club

To become VIP you must deposit at least 25 USD and provide a valid enrollment code. By becoming a VIP you can unlock and complete challenges. After completing challenges you will earn money that you can withdraw or use for betting.


This section is for watching live matches. There are always multiple streams with different languages. You can also quickly jump from stream to match page to check odds, and you can see upcoming matches and countdown, so you can't miss them.


A really important part of every betting website. This is a place where you can learn about teams and players, check new updates in certain games or learn about betting and how to become better at it. Here you can also check major tournaments and what to expect, so you can be ready when they come.


Here you can see match betting or tournament betting. In the match betting, you can check live matches or upcoming ones, and in tournament betting, you can bet on winners of certain tournaments. The most important games of the site are CS:GO, League of Legends and Overwatch. You can also bet on Dota2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty and Starcraft.

Types of Bets

There are plenty of types of bets on Rivalry. For example, in CS:GO you can bet on match winner, map winner, 1st kill, certain round winner and so on. Those special bets vary from game to game and from match to match but they are adding more of them each day.


Just like in the games section, you can see live and upcoming matches and you can navigate which video games you want to see. After selecting a match, you will see odds for certain bets. There is also a nice stats feature with recent statistics to help you decide who to bet on. All in all, everything is well organized and you won't have trouble finding the match you want.

Live betting and Betting Options

Great thing is that they have integrated stream in their website. This makes live betting much easier than switching between browser tabs. Rivalry has a good amount of betting options. Of course, they depend from game to game, and from tournament to tournament. Some examples of them are 1st map winner, 1st map kill, and so on.


$3,5 Welcome no Deposit Bonus and $350 in VIP rewards

They have a welcoming bonus. Every new account gets 100% free, no deposit required bonus. You get $3.50 USD on the house. Rivalry other bonuses as well that are changing from week to week, so make sure to check out their website for more! There are also special offers in the VIP club of the site. You will get missions and after achieving the mission goal, funds will be credited to your account. Be as it may, missions goals aren't exactly impossible to achieve. You will have some simple missions like "Watch 5 matches you've bet on" or some more complicated ones like "Win 5 consecutive bets on underdogs" but it is all possible, nothing ridiculously hard.

Deposit and Withdraw

There are numerous payment options and they are determined by the currency you choose. When withdrawing, users get 1 free withdraw per month, subsequent withdrawals will cost the fee depending on payment provider. They will, however, exchange your money to $US no matter what currency you deposit in. Some additional fees may apply, so keep that in mind.

Customer Service

If you need help, you can check their F.A.Q., talk on live chat support (available 24/7), or via email. You can even send them a letter or call them.


Rivalry is the site for real esports enthusiasts. They have great esports coverage and they provide high odds on every single tournament. The Rivalry Bonus program is pretty great and you can win awesome prizes. The only downside of this site is the lack of other bets. There is no regular sports, casino or anything similar except for Esports betting. However, Rivalry offers some great features that other sites don’t have, Thunderdome and V.I.P. program for example.


Is Betting on Rivalry available in the USA?

Unfortunately no, Rivalry is restricted in USA as well as in Canada, UK, Spain, Denmark, France, Netherlands and Sweden. You can find the full list of restricted countries on their website.

What do they guarantee to users?

100% safe betting, Live betting with a ton of betting options, fast cash deposit and cashouts, amazing giveaways and first bet free!