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Apex Legends introducing Friendly Firing Range, overhauling rank progression

While it’s torrid start is certainly in the rearview mirror, Apex Legends looks to be turning things around before 2020. One of the main gripes among players has been the lack of content/ranks throughout the three seasons. Though developers Respawn step it up with every new season, there’s still a quality the game lacks. Most high-profile streamers can’t find enjoyment in the game for more than a week or whenever they reach max rank. However, in an upcoming update, that will be changing, along with some other things. 

Rank progression changing in a new update 

Though not easy to get to, the max rank currently in Apex Legends is level 100. In the game’s current state, there’s a steep XP increase starting at level 26, meaning it becomes harder to reach every following level. 

In the upcoming December 3 update, Respawn will be fine-tuning this. Instead of a large XP increase at level 26, ranks 1-58 will now be much easier to obtain. After level 58, it becomes tougher but more feasible than previously. 

In addition to this, Respawn is adding an extra 400 ranks to the progression system. So, after December 3, players will be able to reach level 500. There will, of course, be varying rank icons earned with each milestone hit (every 10 levels). 

Also, at every 100 levels, players will be rewarded a Gun Charm that can be equipped on any weapon in the Armory. Gun Charms can be earned through ranking up and unlocked in Apex Packs. There will be 36 new Gun Charms introduced into the Packs. 


Speaking of Apex Packs, Respawn will now be making it far easier to earn Apex Packs through leveling up. Here’s how many Apex Packs you can earn from rank 2-500: 

  • Level 2 - 20: One pack every level (19 Apex Packs total)

  • Level 22 - 300: One pack every two levels (140 Apex Packs total)

  • Level 305 - 500: One pack every five levels (40 Apex Packs total)

  • You will continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level and per 18,000 XP at level 500

Essentially, this new system adds 14 more earnable Apex Packs from levels 2-100. If you’re already at level 100, you will automatically be awarded the 14 additional Apex Packs. 

Friendly Firing Range also coming soon

One huge aspect of any multiplayer title is the ability to challenge friends to a match. During the classic Call of Duty days, if you wanted to settle a dispute, you would challenge someone to a 1v1 on the maps Rust, Nuketown, or Shipment. 

While a battle royale doesn’t function exactly like Call of Duty, the desire to challenge friends or foes is still there. Fortnite introduced its version of this in 2018, Playground mode. With the entire map at your disposal, you’re able to load into a private match with a friend and do whatever the game will allow. 

Apex Legends seemingly had all the makings for something like this in its training area. However, it was never possible to load into the area with a friend. Well, that is until now. Respawn will soon be introducing the Firing Range, a place where you can practice your aim and shot with every weapon in the game. 

A key feature of the Firing Range is that friendly fire will be enabled, meaning you can shoot your teammates. This is exactly what the Apex Legends community has been looking for. Hopefully, Respawn doesn’t make any unnecessary changes to make the experience less enjoyable. 

All of this information can be found on the Apex Legends website. As aforementioned, these changes will go live on December 3 for all systems. 

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