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Apex Legends Season 2 - How To Make The Most Out Of It

The good news is here. Season 2 of the famous Apex Legends is almost there. The floodgates are opening with a crash and there is quite a bit of talk happening inside the grapevine. Respawn is not silent and continues to come out with hints that are cause of excitement. Hence, this certainly is the right time to be a fan of this game. However, we are still some two weeks away. You must therefore try and learn a few things while you impatiently and expectedly wait for Season Two.


Managing Anger

A few new things will be a part of Apex Two and it will most certainly result in some bugs. If Season one is an indication there could be quite a few of them. This can be quite frustrating and therefore you must know how to be patient and persevering. Some deep breathing exercises and meditation could help you to handle anger much better. The new tricks could also be annoying and therefore you must keep your anger in check while you understand them. It will take time for players to adjust and Respawn will take time to clear new exploits. Hence, there is bound to be many tops blowing off and this should not happen. You must keep in mind Wingman and Bunker traps before changing of the balance. Season 2 will come with many features and your nerves should be prepared to accept them.


Off Meta Legends

You can expect more static style of play because of Wattson. Through this Respawn will try and diversify the most popular strategies of Apex Legends. How are will it be successful cannot be guessed now. However, the legend balance will for sure be shaken. One current legends will without any doubt be buffed. The addition of Wattson, and her unique skill set should also be kept in mind. This without any doubt is a battle that is based on squads. Her interaction with legends as they exist now will bring in some new tricks. The Sun Shield Of Gibraltar gets recharged each time the battery or shield is used. Then you have clones of Mirage who could find out enemy players easily. All this and much more could be a part of the Season 2 edition. You also could have a situation where one legend could become strong suddenly and could send the power hierarchy for a toss. In such situations, you must be sure that you are not stuck with lifeline games and should have working knowledge of various other legends. This calls for practice.


The Mozambique

Mozambique the shotgun will come in a usable condition in Season 2. Hence, you must start practicing the skills. This is not going to be easy but it has to be done. Without the right practice, you may not be able to handle the new horrors that might come along with Apex Seasons 2.


Importance Of Restraint

The Apex Legend Store has been oddly designed. This has resulted in stockpiling of legend tokens. When you visit and spend time around the store, you could be tempted to grab the tokens. While this is a good idea, you must know how to control your urges. It would always be better to stay away from impulsive buying or buying something that later could prove unnecessary and wasteful. You can be sure that you will have a number of cool cosmetics and the content categories could also have something new. For buying all this, you would need almost 1,000 Apex Coins without which you may not be able to get into the Battle Pass.


Importance Of Communication

At the end of the day, it is all about beating the bunker tactics of Wattson and it will most certainly call for a total and focused team effort. Going into it unprepared will most certainly be a big failure and will be disastrous to say the least. It will be bad news, not only for you but also to your entire team mates. You need to be on the same wavelength with your squad when you are up against this new and unpredictable legend.

Since there is time between now and the actual launch of Season 2, you could use this interval to get into some hard practice as far as your communication skills are concerned. You could use voice chat or through pings, but the moot point is that you must make your presence felt strongly. You could also give tips to new players and also could give some tips on anti-Wattson ideas, and also ideas pertaining to theory-craft. There is no doubt that improving communication is a continuous process.


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