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Respawn Addresses Leaks, Declares Pre-season Apex Legends Content

The leaks which happened to a couple of launch trailers belonging to Apex Legends Season 2 were addressed by an individual whose name happens to be Jay Frechette (who holds the designation of the community manager of Respawn) earlier on this very day. As per the statement made by him on Reddit, in the initial stages, they had made the plan of releasing the CG trailer on this very day, while the gameplay trailer would be following the subsequent day. But due to misfortune, the plan failed miserably and was not able to give the desired results whatsoever. Because of the fact that they had suffered from leakage, it was decided by them to launch both the gameplay trailers along with the CG on the behalf of Season 2 today itself.

No one will be able to deny the fact that leaks tend to be extremely frustrating as well as annoying on every single occasion and they can cause lots of botheration in the long run. They had been essentially bummed due to the fact that it actually took place on the bright side. On top of this, they are absolutely elated as well as thrilled to observe that every single person is so much excited for all the things that they have got in store for Season 2. Nothing can be better than that!

It was none other than Frechette who made a declaration that quite a few additional content materials, as well as previews, were actually coming up in the upcoming days. It does indeed appear to us that we will be getting the opportunity of seeing even more previews in addition to contents of Apex Legends Season 2 during the days which were leading up to it with the assumption that it is not going to suffer from any unwanted leaks on this very night.


An Overview of Challenges as well as Ranked League

It is a confirmed fact that a Designer Blog post is going to be released by Respawn on the 28th of June with the exclusive purpose of explaining the Daily as well as Weekly Challenges which are going to be launched during the season which is coming next. We have come to know from the announcements which had been made earlier that all of these challenges are going to be an essential component of the innovative progression system of Battle Pass itself.

In this context, we will be mentioning the fact that one more Designer Blog post is going to drop on the first day of July with the purpose of introducing the ranked Mode. It is known to all of us that as many as 6 tiers are going to be featured by the Apex Legends ladder which will be ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator. It is very likely that the blog is going to consist of essential info on every single end-season reward which will be provided to the gamers in each of the tiers.


One more trailer from Apex Legends?

It was declared by Frechette in the post published on Reddit that they have many more things to do when it comes to the video footage clips out there. As a matter of fact, yet another preview was suggested by this person that will, in all probability, be published on Reddit very soon preferably within only a couple of days. Taking into consideration the fact that Respawn has an affinity for building words, there is a huge possibility that this particular final trailer is going to fulfill the requirements of a cinematic intro to all the events that are going to take place during the entire season. Let us be hopeful about the fact that it is going to hold much more video footage of Crypto as well.

Last but not least, we like to make you aware of the fact that full patch notes will be coming out along with the official release of Apex Legends Season 2 on the 2nd of July. Till that time, have adequate patience, hold your breath, and make it a point to listen to none other than Daily Esports where you will be getting lots of essential info on Apex Legends including content materials as well as news apart from other useful stuff too.

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