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3 changes needed in Modern Warfare after the Season 1 update

The Season 1 update in Modern Warfare brought a ton of content, though some is still yet to come, and a few bug fixes along with it. However, setting aside the recent Battle Pass controversy, there are still a ton of aspects that need adjusting in Modern Warfare. From various glitches to gameplay mechanics, Infinity Ward has their work cut out for them. Here are three changes that Modern Warfare needs following the Season 1 update. 

Adjusting the footstep audio/Dead Silence 

One of the hottest topics since Modern Warfare released is the footstep audio/Dead Silence debacle. Unlike in previous Call of Duty’s, Infinity Ward made the decision to not make Dead Silence a perk. Normally, that might be an okay change. However, in Modern Warfare it simply doesn’t work. 

The footstep audio, though adjusted many times, is still too loud. You can hear an enemy’s or teammate’s footsteps from across the map easily. Stealth is out of the question within Modern Warfare, which makes certain game modes extremely difficult. 

Many players thought the Season 1 update would bring another round of changes to the footstep audio. The hope was Infinity Ward would lower the audio to better match previous titles. Although, instead, we got no changes whatsoever. 

Activision has stated that there will be weekly updates throughout the duration of Season 1. Hopefully, we start to see Infinity Ward take the footstep audio issue seriously and decrease the decibels. Otherwise, the community will continue to grow less and less forgiving. 


Fixing the Search and Destroy glitch 

Modern Warfare has been plagued with bugs since its initial release in October. Whether they’re game-changing or minute issues, there have been bugs galore in every aspect. However, perhaps the most plagued aspect has been Search and Destroy. 

Around two weeks ago, Infinity Ward finally patched the ongoing bomb plant/defuse glitch that made Search and Destroy a chore to play. Though, just two weeks later, we have another glitch that makes the game mode unplayable. 

Since Season 1, whenever a player with the bomb in Search and Destroy shoots their weapon, a bomb icon will appear on the menu map. This provides a huge advantage to defense and allows the offense almost no freedom. 

Infinity Ward need to patch this bug far sooner than it took them to patch the previous bug. 


Reverting the mini-map 

While Infinity Ward has stated they are happy with the current mini-map in Modern Warfare, something needs to change. The community is fed up with the mini-map in the game now and won’t stick around for much longer if nothing is done. 

The previous version of the mini-map was perfect and needed no adjusting. However, Infinity Ward felt differently and now the fans are left with this dumbed-down iteration. Public matches are a snooze-fest because of this mechanic, leading to frustrations from players of all skill levels. 

Though it might take some time, Infinity Ward should eventually see reason and give the community the change they desire. If not, the player base will start to slowly dwindle until the next Call of Duty title comes around. 

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