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Arcitys unveils a vision exploit in Modern Warfare

Arcitys unveils a vision exploit in Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty League is only a week away and while many would expect everything to be set and ready for what will be the biggest and most prestigious event in CoD esports history, it seems like Infinity Ward still has a lot of things to improve and fix, namely the newly unveiled game-breaking vision exploit.


Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson, the main AR for the Chicago Huntsman shared a short clip on his official Twitter account unveiling a vision in-game bug he discovered during one of his Call of Duty matches on St. Petrograd. The said clip was posted this Saturday, January 18, barely a week before Call of Duty League 2020 starts, which raises some concern whether the newly released FPS title is ready to be played in a competitive scene without any unfortunate incidents with in-game bugs and exploits.

Since Modern Warfare's release in October, the game has been plagued with countless game-breaking and other, not so damaging bugs - but bugs nonetheless, and the CoD community has not been taking the whole situation too lightly. While a glitch or an in-game bug can make any player's experience while playing the game less enjoyable, the real concern with the newly discovered bugs lays in the fact that on January 24, 2020, the inaugural Call of Duty League will kick-off, meaning that any bug, glitch or exploit, which will remain in the game can and will have severely negative effect on CoD esports scene.

That said, CoD esports is no stranger to bugs, glitches and especially exploits that can be found on more or less any map in any of the CoD titles. Back in Black Ops 3, FaZe Clan used a glitch spot in a map to win in a CWL, for which they got punished and disqualified. While we could debate whether they really "cheated" their way to a win, it only goes to show glitches have been a part of CoD competitive scene for years. Regardless, every pro player wishes to see a game with a level playing field, without any bugs and glitches or at least a game where opportunities to exploit map features or other elements of the game are minimal. 

That, however, seems to be an impossible task in Modern Warfare, based on Arcitys' most recent post, where he unveiled a ground-breaking vision exploit, which allows you to see the position of enemy players through walls.


In his video, the reigning CoD world champion showed that if you prone behind a statue in the middle of St. Petrograd, you can see the nameplates of the enemy players, while looking through the statue, which ultimately gives the player a significant advantage over his adversaries. His video, titled "???" sparked a heated debate between CoD community, CDL teams and other pro players, who gave their input on the situation.

Arcitys's twin brother Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson jokingly said:

"You telling me you're getting aim assist under and through the blocks, but not above them? Holy hell. I'm about to be unbeatable on this map."

While Seattle Surge AR Sam "Octane" Larew claimed that "the entire middle of that map [St. Petrograd] is pure fugazery".

Other CoD fans were quick to point out the game is nowhere near ready for the launch of CDL, while tagging Infinity Ward, sarcastically praising them for their "impressive job" with Modern Warfare, clearly indicating their view that the game needs more polishing before it will be ready for a professional esports event such as CDL and even for a more casual player, who wishes to enjoy the game without and bugs and other incidents.

What is perhaps even more concerning, is that St. Petrograd map is featured in all three competitive game modes, meaning that the newly unveiled bug could, in fact, find its way into the professional CDL match. All things considered, Infinity Ward needs to act quickly and fix this, as well as all other bugs and do so in less than one week.

We have already reported another bug found on St. Petrograd, where a player unveiled the so-called "deadly chair" bug during one of his infected game modes. While not as damaging bug to the competitive scene as others, it's worth noting that the said bug has not yet been fixed as of today.

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