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Call Of Duty And Maps - Some Food For Thought

Whenever you think of playing Call of Duty, there are certain things that are a must. A good map design is certainly a must. In the same way kill streaks and guns are also important. The maps are vital because they help in controlling the pace and flow of the game. Many players believe that Call of Duty is a good game and the reason for it could be because they have the help of quality maps. If you come across titles without the right kind of maps, they you can be sure that the game will become stale and will over a period of time fall in the list of Call of Duty tier list.


How Do These Maps Play?

When the Modern Warfare multiplayer premiere was held, there was a chance to come across five maps that are a part of the launch. However, the maps that are a part of the launch will be different from anything that has been seen before. There is indeed a big shift and therefore it is quite common for many to ask the question as to how will these maps play? This question certainly becomes a big question mark in a competitive environment and when it is being played in a community. Therefore, it would be better to find out more about the way in which maps will play and how important they are as far as Call of Duty game is concerned.


Combination Of Day And Night Version Maps

Before moving further on the subject it would better to have some idea about the maps that are used in Call of Duty. Two of the three maps will most probably come with a night version. These maps make use of night vision and they also follow a totally different gameplay system. The maps will not be in three lane layout any further. For several years now, COD (Call of Duty) developers have kept in mind three lanes while designing their maps. These lanes are the places where most of the action on the map will take place till now. While these could be refreshing changes in public matches, there is no doubt that competitive play is a different game altogether.


Will The Maps Impact Modern Warfare Competitively?

If a poll is taken, many professional players would agree that map design plays a vital part as far as competitive gaming is concerned. The maps impact everything ranging from choke points to spawns, gunplay and other such important things. With the three-lane design being done away with, it is quite obvious that competitive players will need to adapt. The game now becomes more of having a clear idea about the pre-aim spots and much less about predicting as to which lane the enemies might take.


Will This Be Positive & Or Negative For Competitive Play?

When you have maps without distinct lanes, then it is bound to be more chaotic that those with clear routes. Figuring out the presence of the enemy does not become any easy and therefore things will become more unpredictable. This is something not many competitive players will enjoy and be supportive.

However, these are still early days and it may not be possible to write the final line so very fast. It would be a prudent and good idea to adopt a wait and watch attitude and ensure that the other maps that are releases along with the game are observed and analyzed properly. But going by the reports and going by what we have seen so far, it looks that competitive gaming of COD is not going to be easy and it certainly is going to be a completely different year. Quite a few things are still under wraps and they are beginning to unfold bit by bit and it would take some time before we understand as to how it is going to impact competitive play.


The Final Word

It is important for you to therefore express your opinion and share your thoughts and feelings about the latest map design. Only then will it be possible to have a reasonably good idea about what people actually feel about this. However, going by certain opinions and thoughts from experts, there are reasons to believe that the new map systems could create quite a bit of confusion and chaos at least initially. It certainly will take some time before the final verdict is out.

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