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Call Of Duty - Changes To Killstreaks

There is certainly good news for the fans of Call of Duty or COD as it is referred to by many. The new and featured filled warfare multiplayer premiere was shown to the fans and they were able to get a firsthand look at the renamed and changed killstreaks. Infinity Ward really worked hard and brought back a number of old-school killstreaks. Some old systems of earning streaks were also there. However, it would be pertinent to mention that this system is certainly leading to uneasiness in the community. The people, including directors who are in charge of Infinity ward, had some alarming information to share as far as killstreaks that are used in Modern Warfare. He said that the killstreaks would not wrap. This is one of the many small issues that the community should fix without too much delay.


What Is Wrapping Killstreaks All About?

Though many of us would know what killstreak wrapping is all about, there are many who may have become accustomed to it. Put in simple words, killstreaks wrapping is nothing but earning a number of streaks and that too in one life. To cite an example, if there are a few streaks that can accommodate 10 kills, you may be able to end up with a 20 kill streak. Hence you will earn double the amount of streaks. This mechanism has been a part of the game ever since the first version Black Ops came into play in 2010.

The second problem is the absence of mini-map and therefore most players will have to make use of UAVs for attacks and other purposes. They are quite useful, they come with a price of 3-4 kills and as a player, you will not be able to get more than a single benefit per life. There is a feeling that Infinity Ward is making an attempt to take players away from the habit of putting too much reliance on the mini-map.


How Does It Impact Modern Warfare?

Killstreak wrapping is certainly a big part of any multiplayer environment. While this may not be considered to be a big change, this certainly is a part of a multiplayer environment. It does make a life that much more valuable. Further, the influx of many UAVs could foster team-play. Though no reason has been talked about by Cecot for this decision there are a few assumptions that could be made. This could be based on some guesswork and this perhaps could help us to find out as to this option was chosen by Infinity Ward. Guesswork is that they could be attempting to bring back focus on gunplay rather than giving too much importance to using killstreak. If you come across such a situation where you can earn only a single Chopper Gunner for each life, you will have no other option but to use the gun more often.


Killstreaks Using Modern Warfare

There is another guesswork that is doing the rounds. It is about the need to bring down the Kill Chain perk. This is located in Perk 2 category and Kill Chain makes it possible for any killstreak actions to move toward the next streak. Hence, if you are in a position to make good with two kills with the help of a Cruise Missile, it will help you to earn a Wheelson whenever a 7 kill happens.

The perk certainly will be a good choice for players because it is easier to lay hands on kills using a streak rather than doing it with a gun or some other equipment. But an easy fix may not lie in allowing Kill Chain to try and wrap killstreaks.


Description Of Kill Chain Perk In Modern Warfare

Whichever way you look at it, there is no doubt that this feature will certainly be found wanting as far as Modern Warfare is concerned. It could help as far as newer players are concerned. However, as it has been seen in the paste, this practice may not always work as one would want it to. It may have to be put on hold until the beta is opened. Only then will it be possible to see if the Infinity Ward makes a decision to change this. Player feedback and other such information also may have a big role to play.

The comments from the readers are of much importance and therefore it would be better if they sent comments on the same.

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