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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update introduces loadouts, crossbow and more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update introduces loadouts, crossbow and more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is set to receive a long-awaited update on Wednesday, January 22, which will introduce additional loadout slots, fix unit collision and bring back everyone's favourite crossbow weapon.


The announcement about the upcoming Modern Warfare update surfaced earlier this Tuesday on Twitter, where Infinity Ward's Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams claimed CoD will receive an update this Wednesday, which will include five additional loadout slots, fix for player collision and a return of crossbow weapon, which will be unlockable via in-game challenges.

"Update tomorrow. Includes the new Crossbow weapon, available through a challenge. 5 additional loadout slots. Fix for player collision. Full patch notes coming tomorrow," read the announcement.

Arguably, the biggest addition which will come with the upcoming update is the addition of more loadout slots, which have been demanded by the CoD community since Modern Warfare hit the shelves. Since the game's release, the players only had five loadout slots to use and customize their classes and seeing how Modern Warfare does not offer prestige, the players were stuck with the five loadout slots, which soon proved to not be enough. That being said, Infinity Ward listened to the community outcries and already unveiled earlier this month, that they are planning on implementing changes. Now, two weeks later, it was finally confirmed that CoD will see an addition of five more loadout slots, which should be more than enough to satisfy any players' needs.

The fixed player collision bug is another massive change coming to Modern Warfare this Wednesday. Initially, the bug caused a problem, where your teammates could push you around because the player models would directly impact each other.

Besides the bug fix and addition of five more loadout slots, fans are also ecstatic to see the return of crossbow weapon, which was originally introduced in Black Ops. The new weapon will be available for free for everyone, however, unlike other weapons, the crossbow will not be awarded to those who reach a certain level, but rather to those who will complete the in-game marksman challenge.

The announcement of the new update was greeted with a lot of positive feedback from the community who couldn't be happier with five more loadout slots and the addition of a new weapon. That said, CoD fans made sure to make their voices heard once more, calling out Infinity Ward to address, fix or completely remove skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) from the game and instead introduce ranked play.

SBMM has been a controversial talking point in the Call of Duty community since the game was released. While a good concept seeing how the whole idea behind it is to match players of similar skill level in the same lobby, the problem surfaces when there is a way to exploit the system - which is exactly what happened with CoD, as high-skilled players found a way to exploit the system to get matched with players of a lower skill level, thus making the gameplay less enjoyable for everyone involved.

Will Infinity Ward remove SBMM or implement ranked play is at this point anyone's guess as there are no announcements that would suggest such changes, meaning the players will have to make due with the current state of the game until February 11, 2020, when Season One will come to an end and supposedly bring new changes to the game.

The update announcement comes in the wake of the news which unveiled a new in-game cosmetics in skins and items linked to Call of Duty League teams. As announced, Activision Blizzard will look to bring CDL skins into Modern Warfare based on the brands and organizations, which will compete in the inaugural season of CDL.

The new in-game cosmetics will include home and away skins for Operators, weapon camos, calling cards, spray patterns and more. With that, the CoD players will get to pick their favourite teams and represent them in the game by displaying their affiliation with equipping their skins.

To date, only Minnesota RØKKR's bundle was previewed, showing their cosmetic items. In the bundle, RØKKR includes two Operator skins, a watch with the team's logo and black and purple camo among other things.

The bundles are said to be available on Friday, January 24, under the Franchise Store tab in the in-game shop.

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