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Deadly chair in-game bug in Modern Warfare

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in-game bug has been unveiled earlier this Friday when a player posted a video on Reddit showing he got delivered a deadly blow by a spinning chair during one of his Infected games on St. Petrograd's map.

Since its release, Modern Warfare has been receiving a lot of praise, but also it's a fair share of criticism, mostly due to numerous bugs that have been plaguing the newest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise.

Invisible walls, explosions, that register damage through the wall, players walking under the map and even weapons not registering damage are only a few of the most notable in-game bugs that were unveiled to the public in recent weeks. While most of those bugs can have a devastating effect on the player's experience, the newest bug of "deadly chairs" might not be as impactful for the gameplay, but it more than makes up for it in being interesting, yet an unusual bug.

Shortly after Modern Warfare got released, the community were calling out Infinity Ward to add some injection of nostalgia to their newest Call of Duty title and it did not take long before we got introduced with some nostalgic maps from the days of Call of Duty 4 including Crash, Vacant and Shipment. Adding to the old-new maps, Infinity Ward also introduced the fan favourite game-mode Infected, which started as an April Fool's joke in Modern Warfare 3 but soon became one of the most played game modes in CoD franchise.

Since Infected found its way into the game, the community did not need long to jump in and turn it into one of the most popular game modes in the new MW, with tens of thousands of players playing it each day. One of those players, however, got introduced with an interesting bug during one of his Infected games on St. Petrograd map.

While a game mode where players do their best to hide from the horde of infected counterparts, it seems like infected players are not the only thing the remaining survivors need to worry about.

A video displaying the newest in-game bug was posted on Modern Warfare subreddit, where a player who is simply known by his Reddit username "dfblh54" showed his encounter with a deadly chair.

Link to the video: https://bit.ly/2QqgZvM

In the video, we see a player "knifing" one of the spinning chairs in one of the buildings on St. Petrograd, which made the chair spin in one direction. The player then stood put until the chair made the full circle and made contact with him, ultimately killing the said player in one hit.

This does raise a question about how that happened, considering the chair in question is not a supported player model. That ultimately means that the engagement between the chair and player should not result in death, or in this case in the player's suicide, as shown in the killfeed, leading us to believe this occurrence was just another example of an in-game bug.

Infinity Ward have made the CoD community aware they are welcoming any feedback on the game, be it positive or negative in order to fix the issues and make it more enjoyable for everyone. For that reason, we can expect the game developers to act quickly on the new reports, seeing how this was not the first time a player-environment interaction ended in an unexplained death.

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