Duos for Call of Duty: Warzone confirmed

Duos for Call of Duty: Warzone confirmed

Call of Duty: Warzone developers confirmed today that Duos are coming to the game in the near future, although retrained from unveiling the exact date when the new long-awaited feature will find its way in CoD's battle royale game.


The developers explained it might take a while longer before Duos will be added to Call of Duty: Warzone since there are many bugs that need to be worked out before and even then the developer team needs to figure out which core modes work the best as permanent additions and which will work better as limited-time events.

“There’s just no exact time I can give you for now, but Duos is coming,” said Amos Hodge, the creative director at Raven Software.

“You’ve already seen in Plunder, but there’s just things we gotta figure out, find the right timing and everything else.”

Duos have already made its first appearance in Plunder, although it was only for a limited time, for the developers to test out the functionality of the new feature. Nonetheless, the community was quick to voice their desire to see Duos as a permanent feature in the battle royale playlist, which ushered the CoD: Warzone developers to start exploring options to satisfy their fans.

Taylor Kurosaki, the narrative director at Infinity Ward explained that the team is currently working on figuring out which core modes will they add for Warzone and what modes work better as permanent addition and which as a limited-time option.

“Everyone wants to play the game in a slightly different way, which is really cool and exciting, so we’re trying to figure out what the standard modes are, and what are the modes that work better as sort of a short time, mixing it up kind of situation,” said Kurosaki.

The Warzone developers further explained that they cannot make it so several playlists are available at the same time, as it may cause connection issues or make it harder for players to fill the lobbies.

In the same interview, the devs also talked about their plans for the future of the battle royale game and confirmed they're working on introducing an update for the next generation consoles. Kurosaki and Hodge have confirmed they had been planning to support Warzone for a while and the fans can expect a port on the new consoles.

“I know that our plan is Warzone is going to be around for quite some time, so as soon as those new systems are out and available, I’m sure we’ll support them,” said Kurosaki.

The announcement was greeted with a lot of approval from the gaming community, namely console players, who were left wondering whether Warzone will be supported on the new-gen consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which are both scheduled to launch sometime in the 2020 holiday season, however, neither of them had their release date confirmed as of yet.

Kurosaki and Hodge also confirmed they're currently not planning to port Warzone to Google Stadia, although states that that could change in the future if there will be a demand for such a move.

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