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More fan favourite maps rumoured to be added to CoD: Modern Warfare

More fan favourite maps rumoured to be added to CoD: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward was hard at work since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare back in October, by adding classic CoD maps to their newest franchise, including Shipment, Crash Vacant and most recently Rust. However, there are rumours, leaks and speculations, suggesting we could see even more iconic maps added to the Modern Warfare playlist.


Call of Duty has had a long and very prosperous history, drawing in thousands upon thousands of players with each of its release. Since the launch of the first Call of Duty title, however, there was none more successful than the Modern Warfare series, which introduced some of the most iconic maps in the FPS' history and brought its players a plethora of unforgettable memories along with it.

Infinity Ward already added Crash and Rust to Modern Warfare, as two of the maps that brought endless joy to the CoD fans in earlier interactions of the franchise, yet there are rumours more releases of iconic maps are in the works.

Earlier last week, a Reddit user unveiled some interesting findings, stating he has discovered CoD 4's Killhouse and Broadcast maps, both in the game's files, indicating the MW devs might be working on bringing the two maps into the game in the near future. Nothing is set in stone yet, however, as those are only leaks, but, it's fair to assume more iconic maps could be introduced into the MW in not-so-distant future.

What makes those leaks believable is the fact that there were similar leaks back in October, which suggested Modern Warfare will introduce Crash, Rust, Vacant and Shipment as one of its maps – all of which were eventually added to the game. At the same time, other data miners unveiled Terminal, Scrapyard, and Highrise as possible new additions to the new CoD franchise, which suggests the three iconic MW maps are on the cards.

While there have been numerous leaks over the last four months, there have been a few maps that were mentioned more than others. Here is the list of Call of Duty maps that are rumoured to be introduced to the game.



Adored by some, and loved by everyone, Terminal is a map every Modern Warfare fan will recognise in a heartbeat. Since its release in 2009, Terminal has maintained its status as one of the most popular Call of Duty maps ever created, as it has been remade for both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare 3.

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes this map so great, however, with the mixture of close corridors, mid-range spots and the notorious hallway which connects one side of the map to the other, Terminal has it all. It also features a few hotspots of activity, meaning no player, no matter his playstyle won't be deprived of action-packed and thrilling experience.



Another map that has become a staple of Modern Warfare series, which also got its own remade version for the less-popular Advanced Warfare in 2015. Highrise was the map guilty of fostering some of the most memorable moments of Modern Warfare 2, with its notorious cross-map spawn sniping, crane camping spots and who could forget players who laid waste on the enemies from the top of the building. Highrise has many hidden spots and a plethora of intriguing map features that make it stand out from the rest, making it one of the most desirable maps to be added to the newest title of CoD.



While less popular Modern Warfare map compared to Highrise and Terminal, Scrapyard is still arguably one of the best maps ever created. Heaven for skilled "noob-tubers" who had a chance to start off the game with an accurate shot over the map into the enemy spawn point, and a map that awarded only the most skilled players, who managed to take advantage of all three map lanes, each with its own defying characteristics and its own metagame.

Despite being one of the smallest maps in the game, Scrapyard offered a lot of diversity, allowing players to have a completely different experience each time they spawned in it.



Despite not being featured in any of the CoD titles since CoD 4, Backlot is a map that cannot be easily forgotten. A fantastic map, beloved by competitive and casual players alike, it provided a lot of diversity and was one of the best maps for Search and Destroy game mode, while also well suited for all other game modes.

Much like Scrapyard, Backlot offered players with numerous different ways to play it, making it a perfect fit for any type of player. Be it someone who prefers cause chaos behind enemy lines with an SMG, or a silent sniper who is patiently waiting for his pray. It goes without saying Backlot is one of the most desirable maps to be added to Modern Warfare, and if the leaks prove to be true, we just might see it in back the map pool after 13 long years.



Killhouse is a perfect map for any CoD player who likes fast-paced chaotic and exciting gameplay. Due to its small size and open sections, Killhouse was arguably the most hectic map out of all CoD maps ever released and for that reason found a special place in many CoD players' hearths.

Since its release with CoD4, Killhouse has also been implemented into Call of Duty: Mobile, and is now rumoured to be added to the Modern Warfare title as well, as revealed by data miner, who found the map among the game's files earlier this year.



Broadcast is another map that was discovered in the Modern Warfare files. While it has gone slightly under the radar since CoD4, Broadcast will surely bring some fond memories to the veteran players of Call of Duty franchise.

Being one of the less popular maps of Modern Warfare titles, Broadcast is still regarded as a great map, although there could be arguments to be made for reducing its size, given that most of the action takes place in the house and around it.

Whether Infinity Ward will make any changes to the map if they decide to release it is anyone's guess, but given its popularity, many old-school fans will be happy to see Broadcast return to the CoD franchise.

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