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More loadouts coming to Modern Warfare

More loadouts coming to Modern Warfare

Joel "ArtPeasant" Emslie, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developed has confirmed a highly-anticipated extension to "Create-A-Class" system is making its way into the game in the near future as a result of CoD fans' complaints about there not being enough loadout slots in the widely popular FPS title.

Modern Warfare was released back in October and has since amassed hundreds of thousands of players who play the newly released first-person-shooter every day and while the newest CoD title has received very positive feedback from the community, there has been one thing that troubled the players since day one - the lack of customization.

While CoD MW offers players a chance to create, change and customize any class during a game via an "edit" button in the player’s menu, it has proven to be a rather unconventional way of changing the weapon or entire loadout as there is no way of "pausing" the game to give the said player enough time to do so. That ultimately means that despite Infinity Wards' intriguing way of giving players a chance to make tweaks to their loadout while in game, the desire to see more loadout slots was still burning strong among the CoD community.

Since the release of the game, the developers of the game have refrained from addressing the number of customizable class slots players will have at their disposal to toy with when creating that one perfect loadout for a specific map and specific game mode. As of today, players have only five customizable slots at their disposal and despite the community’s desire for more to be added, the issue was not addressed, until this Wednesday.

The outcry of CoD community has a very sound reason behind it, seeing how each of the previous CoD titles allowed players to "prestige" once they reached the maximum level, which reset their rank back to one but awarded them with new icons, new challenges, weapon tokens and most importantly a new customizable class. Unfortunately, the new instalment of Call of Duty does not have the "prestige" option, meaning the players have no way of unlocking new class slots.

That, however, is said to change in the near future.

Joe Cecot, the Co-Design Director stated that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare development team had previously considered adding more load-outs, while the studio's Art Director Joel Emslie further addressed Cecot's claims on Reddit, where he stated that the development team not only considered adding it but are already set to implement more class loadouts in the near future.

In a post made on Modern Warfare subreddit, where the community talked about their dissatisfaction of there not being more customizable options, Emslie posted a response which read:

"You and everyone else that has commented on this are right. It's [adding more loadouts] in mainline back at the studio and we've been tinkering with it. I'm not sure which update it's in but I think it's next."

"Believe it or not, it can cause horrible bugs if not tested properly. I'm not certain about all this so don't get fired up on me if I'm wrong. Since I've commented here, I'll stick with the issue at the studio."

The community then asked why the development team decided not to include more customizable classes from the start, to which Emslie responded by stating that there were "tens of thousands of tasks that lead up to the launch of the game," which forced the dev team to set their priorities and unfortunately adding more class loadouts was not on top of that list.

While the addition of new customizable slots is more or less confirmed to find its way into the game in not-so-distant future, this still leaves us with the question of how many new customizable classes will there be.

That, however, was something Emslie refrained from revealing, as it seems like the dev team is still working on making everything work, as to avoid any further bugs that change could bring. That being said, we can safely assume Infinity Ward will find a way to offer its player base a chance to unlock five additional loadouts, bringing the total number to 10. While this is merely a speculation at this point, 10 loadouts would give the players more than enough room to customize their classes to suit any game mode and map.

That being said, there are some concerns whether Infinity Ward will look to monetize the addition of new classes. It's entirely possible for Infinity Ward to offer all players a certain amount of additional classes for free, with more available to be unlocked via the in-game currency and while that surely would not go down well with most of the player base, at the end of the day, even two additional free class slots would make a huge difference.

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