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New Location For Call Of Duty World League 2019

There is going to be a new location for The Call of Duty World League. This has been announced on Twitter. It will be a help at Los Angeles. The event is scheduled to take place from August 16 to August 18, 2019. The venue will be Pauley Pavilion. We need to bear in mind that in 2018, the CWL Championships were held in Columbus, Ohio and the prize pool money was $1,500,000. The CWL League Esports tournament was held in Los Angeles around three years ago. It was held at The Forum, Inglewood and it took place during September 2016. When the announcement regarding the new venue was made on Twitter, it also was accompanied by a video. The specifics were, however, not shared, but a few important details did come out. The tournament will be held in an indoor arena. The Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion has been chosen. It is located in Westwood Village of L.A and is owned by UCLA basketball team. The venue also hosts many gymnastics and volleyball events.



The franchisee for Call of Duty is scheduled to happen next year. This is a big change because this could be the last time when the Championship will be held in the current setting. This setting potentially helps any team to qualify. When the 2019 event takes off, the CWL Championship should see 32 teams taking part. Sixteen of the teams will be from the CWL Pro League. The remaining 16 teams will come from the Open Bracket Finals. They will take part in the knockout as well as the group stages and it will be a best of five match decision. The prize pool money also stands increased to $2,000,000.


About 2018 CWL League

The 2018 league took place at MLG Arena, in Ohio, Columbus. The prize pool at that stage was $500,000 less than the current year. There were four teams belonging to the CWL Pro League. The tournament saw Evil Geniuses taking the first place. The second, third and fourth places were won by Team Kaliber, FaZe Clan and eUnited respectively. Luminosity Gaming and Team Envy tied for the fifth and sixth place. The seven and eight places were taken by Elevate Gaming and Red Reserve respectively.


What Does The Future Hold

There are a few more important points that we should bear in mind. The much talked about Modern Warfare Game will start from October 25 of this year. This will set the tone for the 2020 Call of Duty as far as the competitive tone and tenor is concerned. If you are keen on getting to know the latest happening and changes as far as this event is concerned, you must keep in touch with the right source of information. There are many sites and places like Daily Esports that could be quite helpful when it comes to offering the latest, reliable and trustworthy information about the various aspects and facets of the League. Though there could be many other such sites, you must gather information only from those sites that have a good reputation for offering the most trustworthy, reliable and correct information at all points in time.

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