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New Modern Warfare update

Call of duty has released the fourth series in the Modern Warfare series that they claim will change matches. This new Modern Warfare is said to be different from the other three in the series because it is not part of the sequel but a reboot or a re-imaging of the Modern Warfare series.

It has a great realism mode that smoothly moves you from hardcore to soft-core giving you enough time for gunfights and therefore allowing you a greater chance of moving from one level to another. Each character in the game has different reactions to each crucible of unjust warfare making it a great experience for the player.

It has a console-PC cross-play. This means that new missions modes and maps will be released to every player in the game at the same time. Ground War supports up to 100 players without jamming the game so for public matches, players are sorted out.The Gunfight mode has been slowed down for the benefit of the first person-gun feel. The single-player campaign is a big advantage for the game. Players have been asking for this and it gives the game an added advantage.

The characters seem to have been brought to life from different well-known series, including Game of Thrones character Thoros of Myr being depicted by Price and Nikolai being portrayed by Eugene from The Walking Dead. Enthusiasts of these Sci-fi’s and Thrillers are in for a pleasant surprise.

What Are The Cons Of The New Modern Warfare?

The spec ops are difficult and do not reward trying new strategies. This is, of course, difficult and inhibits a player from having a one-up against their opponent making it a frustrating game.The mechanics’ formulae are generally unchanged. So as a player, you will be underwhelmed by the new Modern Warfare mechanics. They are generally similar to Modern Warfare 3.

Some of the worldwide players have opted out of the game which seems to have campaigned against specific areas. Most Russian players have opted out of participating in this game since the campaign seems to be generally against them.

So Does The New Modern Warfare Have Any Effect on Public Matches?

The addition of new maps, modes, and missions gives players the incentive of a larger challenge. All the players are on the same level because they all have to deal with new aspects of the game from the be-ginning making public matches more exciting and challenging to the players.

The introduction of the Console-PC Cross-Player has allowed a few seconds for which to connect the game to multiple players.

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