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TeePee, Clayster and Crimsix win Call of Duty: Warzone Code Green

TeePee, Clayster and Crimsix win Call of Duty: Warzone Code Green

Three former Complexity teammates Tyler "TeePee" Polchow, James "Clayster" Eubanks and Ian "Crimsix" Porter teamed up and won Call of Duty: Warzone Code Green, thus added yet another accolade to their already impressive cabinet of joint achievements.

Call of Duty: Warzone Code Green was a BoomTv ran and CashApp-sponsored battle royale tournament, which saw 30 CoD players vying for US $50,000 prizepool, with winners taking home a hefty sum of US $15,000.

The whole tournament was played on Thursday, March 19, featuring some of the biggest names in the Call of Duty scene, including ex-pro players, coaches, YouTube and Twitch personalities, analysts and current pro players who compete in the Call of Duty League.

Despite the stacked line-up, Clayster, TeePee and Crimsix pulled ahead and proved they are above everyone else, while Crimsix led the way with 109 kills to his name. JoshOG, HusKerrs and Diegosaurs claimed the silver medal, while Cloakzy, Scump and Nadeshot finished third. Scump ended the tournament with the most eliminations out of all players (118), which was one more than Hill_APEX, who finished the tournament with 117 kills to his name. On the other side, Vikkstar123 ended the tournament with the least eliminations (40), followed by Nokokopuffs (55) and Nadeshot (59).

Call of Duty: Warzone Code Green Final standings:

1st - TeePee, Clayster, Crimsix ($15,000)

2nd - JoshOG, HusKerrs, Diegosaurs ($12,000)

3rd - Nadeshot, Scump, Clakzy ($6,000)

4th - Actitys, Abezy, Priestahh ($4,400)

5th - Daltoosh, Zachmazer, TSM_Imperialhal ($3,300)

6th - Myth, TheBcj, mendokusaii ($2,700)

7th - ImMarksman, Aladdin, Attach ($2,100)

8th - Dizzy, TSM_Reps, Albralelie ($1,800)

9th - NiceWigg, Hill_APEX, Nokokopuffs ($1,500)

10th - VIkkstar123, Itzwarsz, Vapulear_ ($1,200)

Seeing Crimsix, Clayster and TeePee hoist the title, however, is nothing shocking, as they have proven synergy from back in the day when they played together at Complexity between 2012 and 2014. While under Complexity banner, TeePee, Crimsix and Clayster won a plethora of titles from Black Ops II and CoD: Ghost. Some of the most notable titles the trio have won are MLG Spring Championship 2013, Gfinity London 2013, Gfinity 2, MLG Fall Invitational 2013, MLG Fall Championship 2013, UMG Philadelphia 2014, UGC Niagara 2014 and the biggest achievement of all - the Call of Duty Championship 2014.

Although it's impossible to compare their previous achievements with the Code Green CoD: Warzone title, it's still nice to see the trio still have the synergy and team play they once had, despite the fact they are long separated.

Clayster left Complexity in December 2013, when he joined Team Kaliber, while TeePee and Crimsix opted to leave for Evil Genuises, where they won MLG Anaheim 2014 International Playoffs and ESWC 2014. TeePee and Crimsix remained with Evil Genuises up until November 2014, when they left for OpTic. In late 2017, TeePee transitioned to coaching and in January 2020 became desk analyst for Call of Duty League, while Clayster reunited with Crimsix at Dallas Empire for this season’s Call of Duty League.

Clayster, Crimsix, Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro, Cuyler "Huke" Garland and Indervir "iLLeY" Dhaliwal who are currently competing under Dallas Empire banner have already made serious waves in the Call of Duty League, having finished second at London Home Series and at the start of the month hoisted the trophy in Los Angeles.

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