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The Newest Features In Modern Warfare

According to inside information, there are quite a few things that are changing as far as this game is concerned. Though nothing is clear and reliable, on many occasions, the information available from the grapevine often becomes true when the actual changes are made and when the new versions are made available in the market. According to information received from The Gaming Revolutions, found many interesting answers to various questions that were raised by the community. The questions pertaining to quite a few things and it also included things pertaining to the multiplayer option of Modern Warfare. Quite a few other lingering questions and doubts were also answered and clarified. But the question and answer sessions had some very interesting and perhaps even stunning revelations that talked about the map names and map counts.

Revealing of Map Names & Map Counts

Those who have followed The Gaming Revolution have a few good things to say about it. The leaks that emanate from their sources are extremely accurate. Therefore this anonymous source of leak must be close to the truth or could be the truth itself. The leak is about map count and map names. Though for the official record these leaks continue to be unconfirmed, there are reasons to believe that there could be truth in them. According to the information and data available, courtesy The Gaming Revolution, the Modern Warfare will have a total of 20 maps during the multiplayer launch. There are quite a few things to it and it includes 10v10, 6v6 and other modes. It also will most probably feature Ground War and Gunfight. The names of the 20 maps that will be a part of modern warfare are also available.

It may not be possible to list down each and every name but there are a few that are worth mentioning. These include Aniyah Palace, Cave, Cave Night, Euphrates Bridge, Deadzone, Hackney Yard, Petrograd, Piccadilly and Gun Runners. The night version of Gun Runner Night also is available. Additionally, you also have spear night and spear normal versions.

It Could Be Shocking For a Few

Those who have been fans of Call of Duty for long periods of time may most certainly find the above changes quite shocking and unexpected. For them 20 maps is certainly a very big number. Out of this 10 are devoted to various modes that are not traditional as far as Call of Duty multiplayer environment are concerned. Further, those who are purists and belong to the conventional mode of mind may not like the gunfight and ground war. This is because it is not 6v6 or 10v10.

When the Ground War and Gunfight are removed, all that we are left with is 10 maps for the purpose of 6v6 and 10v10 models. If players want to go further, they will have to choose three to four in the 10v10 models. This will leave them with the standard 6v6 multiplayer modes. This also will mean that they will have only six to seven maps. Three of these have already been seen from the days of beta. The night versions that are coming will without any doubt be a much better and good experience. But the on the flip side we need to bear in mind that not many players are keen on playing these versions.

According to inputs from The Gaming Revolutions, there could be multiple maps that are might be available post-launch. These could be with the main objective of ensuring a great response for the limited launch offers. Further, they also believe that these maps will also be free and this applies both to Infinity Ward and Activision. Apart from the above, there are also likely to be many other developments too and these could include remakes. However, these will not be available at the launch time and it might take some time. Nothing much is expected to change from the overall list and it might take some time for it to get into the mindset of players who belong to the old genre and who are not very apt when it comes to managing changes across the board. These are still early days and one has to wait for a few more days, weeks or perhaps even months before the actual picture becomes clear.

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