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Toronto Ultra Reveals 2020 Call of Duty League World Tour Dates

What the heck kind of name is Soap! Yes you have heard those lines by Captain Price, haven’t you? Come on now gamers it is time to equip energy drinks, get enthusiastic, take your console and get ready for call of duty world league competition. You’ve got it right it is time for eSports.

The call of duty league is a global or city-based eSports series of tournaments founded in 2016 and played in different parts of continents like North America, Europe, and Asia. The sponsors are big brands like Mountain Dew, Activision and many more.

The games included are call of duty black ops 3, call of duty black ops 4, call of duty WWII and call of duty infinite warfare. In the 2019 season a total of 6 Million dollars were given prize money, and even this time the amount is same.

Toronto's call of duty League has just declared its timetable for the opening of the 2020 tournaments. Toronto Ultra is owned and managed by Overactive Media. OAM is an esports organization that delivers game entertainment and esports. And even in 2020, it is declared that OAM will host the games or esports tournaments on March 21st & 22nd and July 18th & 19th.

Chris Overholt is the president and CEO of OverActive Media on an interview said there is awesome strength and positive aura around their crew and their brand, and they are delighted to announce the tournaments dates for their domestic video games of next season. And with a huge confident he said that together with their fans, they are going to verify that Toronto is a truly difficult area to play for contest.

The Toronto ultra roster includes a list of

  1. “Loony” Danny Loza
  2. “Methodz” Anthony Zinni
  3. “Brack” Carson Newberry
  4. “Lucky” Alex López
  5. “MettalZ” Adrian Serrano
  6. “CleanX” Tobi Jønsson
  7. “Classic” Nick DiCostanzo
  8. “Cammy” Cammy McKilligan
  9. “Bance” Ben Bance
  10. “Mayhem” Mehran Anjomshoa


This list was first uncovered a month ago in the Rebel Entertainment Complex surrounded by 1,500 fans who applauded the host team, as well as the music played by Zach Zoya and Nav.

It is also reported that some call of duty league teams has booked to pay a visit in the city one year from now too. Next year in March Subliners, Atlanta FaZe, London Royal Ravens, Paris Legion, New York and will go to Toronto for the meet.

And next year that is in 2020, in July the second host series will include the Chicago Huntsmen, Minnesota Rokkr, New York Subliners, Seattle Surge, Ravens, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and London Royal.

And for the venue part, Overactive media is going to report it not long from now. Toronto Ultra crazy admirer who can't sit tight for the declaration can visit the website torontoultra.gg, to sign up for first access tickets. In fact, when there is a chance of being sold out really fast, it is always better for die-hard fans to take proactive step.

Notwithstanding Toronto Ultra and 11 other call of duty League groups will go up against one another in call of duty: modern warfare one year from now. Players will compete with one another and fight it out for league championship of call of duty.

You will be served more information, so here is a complete call of duty 2020 World Tour schedule below:


Launch Weekend Minnesota Jan 24 – 26

London Feb 8 - 9

Atlanta Feb 22 - 23

Paris Feb 29 – Mar 1

Los Angeles Mar 6 - 8

New York Mar 14 - 15

Toronto Mar 21 - 22

Dallas Mar 28 -29

Chicago Apr 4 - 5

Florida Apr 11 -12

Seattle Apr 18 – 19

Midseason Weekend To Be Announced

Minnesota May 9 - 10

Paris May 16 - 17

Seattle May 24 - 25

Atlanta May 30 - 31

New York Jun 6 - 7

Los Angeles Jun 12 - 14

London Jun 20 - 21

Chicago Jun 27 - 28

Dallas Jul 4 - 5

Toronto Jul 18 - 19

Florida Jul 25 - 26

Championship Weekend To Be Announced

The team will play best of 5 matches during the regular season, the best winning teams will advance forward for another elimination rounds to decide the league champion. The regular seasons will start from 24th January 2020 and the league championship will be held in the month of August or September 2020.

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