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Best CSGO Gloves 2022

In recent years, the price of CS:GO skins has increased considerably. The most evident factors to explain that include the game's ever-growing popularity, the tactics used to merchandise new collections, and the public perception of skin as virtual assets.

If you want to get your hands on a nice pair of CS:GO gloves, you can either buy them on Steam or find someone else willing to sell CSGO skins of this kind on third-party marketplaces, you can search for these marketplaces on the likes of CSGORadar.com or other recommendation sites.

In this article, you'll find a selection of the best cost-benefit CS:GO gloves in 2022.

Why Are CSGO Gloves More Expensive Compared to Most Skins?

Since the introduction of the "Arms Deal" update back in early 2014, CS:GO players have a scarce chance to drop a good knife or glove through in-game cases. 

With the popularization of case-opening sites, many players decided to use them as an alternative. Keep in mind that a pair of superior quality (low float) gloves are not available for less than $100. 

To help readers out, we've assessed which CSGO gloves offer the greater balance between cost-benefit and overall looks. 

Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar 

The Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar was launched as a part of the "Operation Broken Fang" update in December 2020. Classified as an "Extraordinary" item, the estimated chance to drop a pair of these beautiful gloves is a mere 0.26%.

The Driver Gloves collection consists of several highly stylish designs with distinctive conceptual finishes. The Queen Jaguar design is all-made in leather with the fingers covered in brown polished leather while the back of the hands is covered in leopard skin.

With a float range between 0.06 to 0.80, you can find pieces in all exterior qualities. Overall, Well-Worn items have a superior cost-benefit. 

Battle-Scarred items show levels of abrasion that negatively affect their appearance, but the aspect of Well-Worn items looks infinitely better. 

In terms of price, a Well-Worn Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar is slightly more expensive than a Battle-Scarred item, with a price range of around $85. Factory New items are rare offers in marketplaces and often costs over a thousand bucks apiece. 

Sport Gloves Amphibious 

Exclusively available in Clutch Cases, the Sport Gloves Amphibious was introduced to CS:GO as part of the "Clutch Case" update in 2018. The design of these gloves has a sleek-fashioned appeal. 

All sewn in waterproof fabric with leather reinforcement all over the fingers and back of the hand, the Sport Gloves Amphibious design was beautifully crafted in tones of blue and white. 

Classified as an "Extraordinary" item, this pair of gloves has an estimated drop chance of 0.26%. With a float range between 0.06 and 0.80, you can find it available in all exterior qualities. 

While Battle-Scarred items have a high level of abrasion, they make you look like an old mean Navy Seal-style combatant. Well-Worn items also look cool, which expands your purchase possibilities.

You can find a Battle-Scarred unit selling for around $544, while Well-Worn items are not sold for less than $900.

Driver Gloves Black Tie 

If you want a pair of gloves to make you look like a professional hitman on CS:GO matches, there is no better choice than a pair of Driver Gloves with a Black Tie finish. Launched with the "Operation Broken Fang" update in 2020. 

For players who feel sufficiently lucky, these gloves can be dropped in Operation Broken Fang Cases, Recoil Cases, and Snakebite Cases. Classified as an "Extraordinary" item, this skin also has an estimated drop chance of around 0.26%. 

The float range varies between 0.06 and 0.80, which results in high availability of items with superior levels of wear.

The visual impact of abrasion significantly affects the aesthetic appeal of Battle-Scarred items, which cost around $139.15. Well-Worn items cost over $200, with Field-Tested pieces easily selling for over $300. 

Our Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, opening cases are all based on luck and chance. Considering the possibility to drop a neat-looking pair of gloves is even rarer than most knives, getting gloves through CS:GO case opening offers an estimated 0.26% chance. 

While many CS:GO skin marketplaces offer a broad range of weapon skins for better prices, gloves are always the exception when it comes to good pricing rates, especially the significantly more good-looking items.


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