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Chaos Esports Club sign Voltage to their CS:GO roster

Chaos Esports Club sign Voltage to their CS:GO roster

Chaos Esports Club have announced the permanent signing of Logan "Voltage" Long from Triumph, who will take over the AWP duties at the North American CS:GO roster.


The 20-year old American AWPer arrived at Chaos EC in early January, when he got signed as a replacement for Owen "smooya" Butterfield, who at the time had been benched from the main roster, as he had to return to England to sort out his ESTA. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US embassy shut down all non-essential services in the UK, ultimately preventing smooya from securing his visa, which would allow him to return to the United States.

That incident ushered Chaos EC to release the British AWPer from their CS:GO roster at the end of March, which in return secured Voltage a permanent spot at the team, where he will take over as the main AWPer.

Voltage first CS:GO tournament appearance came in September 2016, when he attended Fragadelphia 9 with Flash Point eSports and finished seventh-eighth, but it was not until 2017 when his career as a professional esports athlete properly begun. In early years of his career, Voltage played for Ben's Anime Team, Broken Alliance, SoaR Gaming, ownage, and in February 2018 teamed up with Dignitas.

The American AWPer, however, did not see much success with his new team outside some solid performances through qualifiers and a bronze medal from Dust2.us Masters #2, which eventually led to Voltage getting cut from the team in favour of  Ronnie "ryx" Bylicki in May 2018.

In years that followed, Voltage played for AZIO eSports and Spacestation Gaming until October 2018, when he decided to become a full-time streamer under Spacestation and later Armanda Esports. At the end of 2018, Voltage announced his return as a professional CS:GO player, when he signed for The Quest, where he spent almost one year, while averaging a solid 1.11 average rating, and 58.9% win rate.

In November 2019, The Quest's roster got signed by Triumph, which was Voltage's last stop before he joined Chaos. While at Triumph, Voltage secured a top-eight finish at DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 and ESEA Season 32: Global Challenge, which are to date his career-best achievements.

Since joining Chaos, Voltage made four stand-in appearances at FLASHPOINT 1 against Gen.G (2-0), MiBR (1-2), MAD Lions (0-2) and FunPlus Phoenix (1-2). Although Chaos failed to see much success in their FLASHPOINT endeavour, Voltage emerged as the second-highest rated player on the roster, behind oshua "steel" Nissan with a solid 1.04 rating across ten maps.

With the announcement of his permanent addition, Voltage will reunite with his former Triumph coach Matthew "mCe" Elmore, who will help him integrate into the unique steel-dictated system Chaos Esports Club are playing with.

Chaos EC's next competitive obligation and Voltage's debut as a permanent member of the team is slated for Thursday, April 9, when they will face HAVU in the upper bracket of FLASHPOINT 1 playoffs.

Chaos Esports Club CS:GO roster:

Joshua "steel" Nissan

Hunter "SicK" Mims

Anthony "vanity" Malaspina

Cameron "cam" Kern

Logan "Voltage" Long

Matthew "mCe" Elmore - coach

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