Counter-Strike Creator Considers Return

One of the original creators of Counter-Strike, Minh Le, has said that he is considering a potential return to the development of a first-person shooter.

According to a  report on the Danish site, DR, Le admitted that he’d likely never work on anything equally as successful as the popular Half-Life mod from 1999, but said that he had some ideas in his head that he’d like to give a try.

Life after Counter-Strike, for Le, was one that saw him too inexperienced to have a full focus on what his next project was like. He and co-creator Jess Cliffe, both sold the game to Valve and took on developer positions at the company. There, they both continued work on the game and started development of Counter-Strike 2 which was eventually put on hold indefinitely. The game was then shelved and Le left Valve.

Even though he left Valve years before Cliffe did, Minh Le has managed to keep his name out of the news. After Valve put Counter-Strike 2 on the shelf Le moved to South Korea in 2008. He stayed with a company called FIX Korea for four years working on Tactical Intervention. It was released in 2013 and was advertised as a game that was similar to Counter-Strike but failed to make any waves in the industry. Le then said that he had a distinct “lack of interest” in shooter developments.


Some avid gamers may also recognize Minh Le for the work he did on Rust, from Facepunch Studios. Today, the Canadian born “Gooseman” works at Pearl Abyss and has started on a new project for the studio. Previously, the studio had been working on Black Desert Online before Minh Le joined.

“It always surprises people when I tell them I’m not a millionaire. But I was very young when I sold Counter-Strike and, quite frankly, was quite surprised that a gaming company would pay money for it at all,” he said.

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