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CR4ZY bench dOBRIY and dERZKIY, add DemQQ and 7oX1C

CR4ZY bench dOBRIY and dERZKIY, add DemQQ and 7oX1C

CR4ZY have decided to bench the Bulgarian duo Igor "dERZKIY" Radosavlevich and Roma "dOBRIY" Rusak in favour of Sergiy "DemQQ" Demchenko and Evgeniy "7oX1C" Motsevoy, meaning CR4ZY will now field an all-Ukrainian CS:GO roster.


The announcement of the abrupt roster change surfaced earlier this Thursday, when CR4ZY unveiled their new-look, all-Ukrainian roster with the addition of DemQQ and 7oX1C. The roster change comes barely two months after the Ukrainian squad signed for the Croatian organisation, which sold its entire CS:GO roster to c0ntact Gaming in January 2020.

Since February when CR4ZY signed Serhii "Sergiz" Atamanchuk, Dmytro "SENSEi" Shvorak, Oleksandr "Psycho" Zlobin, dERZKIY, dOBRIY and head coach Ivan "Johnta" Shevtsov, previously of Project X, the Croatian esports organisation participated at OMG.BET Series and at three BLAST Premier CIS Cup: Open Qualifiers, yet failed to see much success. CR4ZY picked up a bronze medal at OMG.BET Series where they lost to Moscow Five Academy (1-2) in the semis and later to Nexus Gaming (1-2) in the lower bracket finals, while their endeavours through three LAST Premier CIS Cup: Open Qualifiers were just as abyssal, by securing two top-eight and ninth-16th place finishes.

In a bid to bounce back and start building their name in the CIS CS:GO scene, CR4ZY now opted to build an all-Ukrainian squad with the addition of two 18-year-olds DEMQQ and 7oX1C, who will join forces with their compatriots Sergiz, Psycho and SENSEi.

The duo have very little experience beyond regional competitions as neither ever played CS:GO at a high level. DemQQ only has two games to his name on HLTV record, when he participated at World Electronic Sports Games CIS Closed Qualifiers under Bring Me The Horizon banner, but without much success, as BTH lost both of their fixtures against Nemiga (0-2) and Project X (1-2). In those two fixtures, DemQQ averaged 0.90 and 1.02 ratings respectively.

7oX1C, on the other side has six games to his name, which includes appearances under UA$AP at CIS Minor Open Qualifier 3 - IEM Katowice 2019 and WESG 2018 Ukraine Qualifier #2, and appearance under RICKED at Moneyveo CUP, a short-lived venture through CIS Minor Open Qualifier 4 - StarLadder Major 2019 under Ambulance and in December he participated at Esports Championship Ukraine while playing under Gucci Squad. Throughout those six appearances, 7oX1C averaged 0.91 HTLV rating.

The two benched players, dOBRIY, who was a member of the former Project X roster since late 2019 and dERZKIY, who arrived at the team shortly after will remain with the organisation as inactive members, as revealed by CR4ZY.

In CR4ZY'a announcement of the new arrivals, the Croatian esports organisation explained that due to the recent changes that were made for ESL One Rio Major 2020, they needed to make the necessary improvements to their CS:GO roster in a bid to stand a chance to qualify for the Minor and Major tournaments.

"This project is about a long-run. We understand that we need time to get a results we aim for when we formed this roster but the pace we had was not as fast as we felt it has to be. So we decided to make this change to see how it will work," said Johnta.

The first test for CR4ZY's new-look squad came at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe Open Qualifier, where they defeated against Izako Boars (16-8) in round one, but had to admit defeat to ESPADA (8-16) in the second round, thus ending their journey prematurely.

CR4ZY CS:GO squad is now:

Sergey "Sergiz" Atamanchuk

Alexandr "Psycho" Zlobin

Dmitry "SENSEi" Shvorak

Sergiy "DemQQ" Demchenko

Evgeniy "7oX1C" Motsevoy

Ivan "Johnta" Shevtsov - coach


Roma "dOBRIY" Rusak - benched

Igor "dERZKIY" Radosavlevich - benched

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