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CS:GO vs Valorant: What are the main reasons why CS:GO is better?

Many developers tried to copy CS:GO and steal its popularity. And one of the most successful FPTS games that copies CS:GO in many aspects is Valorant. In this article, we will make a close comparison of these two industry leaders to understand why CS:GO excels.

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What are the similarities between CS:GO and Valorant

As we mentioned, Valorant copies CS:GO in many aspects of the gameplay. Let's break their similarities down.

  1. Round system. Both of the games belong to the first-person tactical shooter. The game is parted into rounds, where the first teams win a certain amount of rounds gets a win. To score a victory in a round, team needs to eliminate the enemy team or complete an objective. By objective, we mean planting the bomb for the attacking team or protecting the bomb side/defusing bomb for a defending one.

  2. Maps. The games are conducted on unique maps, which are designed to facilitate tactical gameplay. Thus every object on a map has its purpose. Even the boxes, which block a bomb side, are made for players to maintain a particular position.

  3. Economy. After each elimination or completed objective, players get rewarded with currency. This currency is used to purchase guns, ammunition, or tactical items like grenades (skills in the case of Valorant).

  4. Gameplay. Even though these two games have some critical differences in their gameplay, it is pretty similar. Survive yourself, and kill opponents/complete the objective. To reach that goal, players are allowed to choose any methods they want.

Differences between CS:GO and Valorant

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant made numerous distinct features to this game. The following aspects are what make CS:GO and Valorant quite different games:

  1. Characters. Let's start off with the fact that CS:GO does not have different characters in-game with unique abilities. While in Valorant, there are plenty of other characters with their own tactical features. Their tactical skills are an alternative to CS:GO tactical ammunition. Thus, there are no grenades in Valorant, but there are some skills that repeat their effect. It is also important to mention that Valorant characters have different designs, which may be hard to memorize quickly.

  2. Overall design. While CS:GO tries to stick with a strict and kind of realistically looking picture, the Valorant doesn’t mind looking cartoonish. This element relates to everything that game has to offer, starting with a map design, and finishing with guns and their animations.

  3. Items and trade system. CS:GO is a game developed and released by Valve that works in their own Steam client. Thus, it has a trade and market feature available. It makes the process of obtaining and manipulating in-game items effortless and convenient. While at Valorant, you can’t even trade items. You can only buy them from an official shop and hold them in your inventory forever. In addition to that, you can buy CS:GO skins for very low prices at the market, while the entry price for Valorant skins is significantly higher.

Why does the CS:GO is better?

We acknowledged all the differences and similarities between CS:GO and Valorant. Now we are ready to find out why CS:GO is better.

  1. Let's begin with an easy word - simplicity. Yes, there are so many things that Valorant has, and CS:GO doesn’t have that makes CS:GO a more straightforward game. First, let's look at the characters. In Valorant, you will have to learn how every character work, their strengths, and their weaknesses. While is CS:GO, it is only your skill and your gun. There is no need to memorize the skills of other characters and how they impact the game. 

  2. Design. Cartoon-styled game is not a thing for everyone. Yes, every human being is different with their unique preferences. But if you like realistic games with no rainbows flying around, then CS:GO is definitely your choice. Sometimes Valorant does too much colorful stuff, and the game is starting to look too unrealistic.

  3. Game tempo. CS:GO is about being patient and sticking to the strategy. In contrast, Valorant has more action-packed in it, with even fewer rounds needed to win (16 in CS:GO, and 13 in Valorant). This situation occurs due to the crazy amount of abilities that can instantly lift characters in the sky or launch a sunbeam from the sky that will land on the heads of your foes. CS:GO has no similar features, so games turn out to have a slower pace. 

  4. Market features and items. The market just makes it so easier for CS:GO players to get new items and, with the same ease, sell them. In addition, there are many more items in CS:GO, so you have a much better range of options. At the same time, Valorant offers a very restricted set of manipulations you can do with in-game items. Even the basic trade option is not available, which already makes many players who value skins to turn off.


Even though, CS:GO and Valorant seem like similar games, there are many distinct differences between them. And it is not just a coincidence that thousands of people choose CS:GO over Valorant. If you prefer realistic graphics, slower pace, and simpler gameplay - CS:GO is your choice!


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