DreamHack announces all-female CS:GO tournament Valencia

Esport-Management and ZOWIE have been partnered by DreamHack for launching “DreamHack Showdown” which happens to be a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) tournament intended only for the females.

DreamHack Valencia will be the site where this opening all-female tournament is going to be held from July 5 to July 7. Interestingly, whopping prize money of $100,000 will be offered in this tournament. Every single team as well as player taking part will be provided access to professional event amenities, committed support, as well as promotion.

According to Marcus Lindmark who happens to be the Co-CEO of DreamHack AB, a significant component of DreamHack will be the inclusivity at these events organized by them and their main purpose is to make sure that all the groups feel comfortable at this esports and gaming fiesta. He further added that DreamHack Showdown is actually meant to motivate all the promising female esports competitors across the globe.

Online qualifiers in Europe and North America, as well as LAN qualifiers in Asia, are going to be held prior to DreamHack Showdown. Esport-Management is going to run the online qualifiers for EU and NA divisions which will be held on June 8 and June 9. The top 8 teams in these qualifiers will then progress to complete on stage at DreamHack Valencia.

Esport-Management’s VP for Global Marketing, Katherine Amoukhteh asserted that their primary intention is to provide support to esports at the basic level and also create variety in esports by partnering on industry-altering initiatives such as DreamHack Showdown.

She also added that they were of the notion that each and every participant within an esports ecosystem will be able to follow a particular strategy so as to take part in the games with a competitive attitude within a professional and supportive environment. Moreover, DreamHack Showdown will enable them to exhibit this on more than one level: to motivate those individuals who like to participate, to celebrate females presently in the game industry, and likewise provide them the required tools for becoming the subsequent winners through their platform.

ZOWIE will host the ZOWIE DIVINA Women’s Asian CS:GO Championship in the city of Shanghai in China from June 20 to June 23 this year with the purpose of providing the players in Asia with additional opportunities for playing. One can consider it to be DreamHack Showdown’s Asian LAN Qualifier where the top 2 teams will be advancing to compete in the finals to be held in Valencia.

BenQ’s Director of Esports, Chris Lin has claimed that the DIVINA initiative was initiated by ZOWIE to provide support to women’s esports. Its main purpose was to offer additional opportunities to females for exhibiting their talents and also to narrow the gap while pursuing a professional career in esports.

He also added that they are progressing towards that objective, not with this partnership only but also by offering an opportunity to all the teams in the Asian region to contest within a LAN environment. Asia happens to be amongst those regions where there is a lack of such exposure, and they believe that the teams will be able to get enough experience from this which will help them in building up the scene in their individual communities and nations.

They are excited for partnering with DreamHack in introducing the most professional all-female CS:GO championship to date.

As per Esport Insider: The idea of organizing more tournaments highlighting females in esports is always encouraging. It appears that ZOWIE, DreamHack, and Esport-Management have organized an event meticulously which will help to emphasize the emerging talent in CS:GO.

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