Enable reportedly benched from Seattle Surge

Enable reportedly benched from Seattle Surge

Ian "Enable" Wyatt, a flex player for Seattle Surge has revealed he has been moved to the inactive roster, following Surge's poor performances from the opening two weeks of Call of Duty League 2020 season.


The inaugural Call of Duty League has just recently finished its second competitive week, with Chicago Huntsmen taking home the London homestand title, which cemented them as the top team in the league. While Huntsmen enjoy their strong start of the season, there are a handful of teams, who have had yet to show anything notable. One of those teams is Seattle Surge, who were regarded as one of the strongest squads heading into 2020 CDL, yet they failed to deliver and are currently sitting at the tied-eighth place in the league with 10 CDL points.

The quintet of Damon "Karma" Barlow, Sam "Octane" Larew, Josiah "Slacked" Berry, Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov and Enable which represent Seattle Surge were ranked very highly ahead of the inaugural CDL season, namely due to fielding a three-time world champion Karma, as well as Enable and Octane, who are both 2019 World Championship runners-up.

Despite having a star-studded roster, however, Seattle's performances so far were less than promising. During the Launch Week in Minnesota, Surge lost to the hosts (2-3) and failed to deliver against Toronto Ultra (2-3), meaning they ended their maiden appearance in CDL with no points. During Week 2, at London Royal Ravens homestand event, Surge once again fell flat with a humiliating 0-3 defeat against Dallas Empire in Round 1 of the group stage.

Fortunately, Seattle bounced back with a hard-fought 3-2 win against Los Angeles Guerrillas in the losers' bracket but were handed another painful 1-3 defeat against Dallas in Round 2, meaning they ended the said event at the fifth-sixth place which awarded them with 10 CDL points.

After suffering four losses, it appears that Seattle Surge have decided for some much-needed changes to their roster, which will supposedly end their slump. The changes will come in a form of removing Enable from the active roster, as revealed by Enable himself.

Shortly after the London tournament ended, Enable went back to streaming his matches with other pros. During one of the streams, a viewer asked him how his scrims went, to which Enable responded he had been removed from the starting roster.

"How were scrims?" Enable read from the chat. To which he responded:

"We have not scrimmed. I actually got benched, for the time being... I think they're starting up tomorrow maybe, I don't know."

As it stands now, Seattle Surge have not yet made any official announcements about the roster shuffle, meaning we could be seeing either Casey "Pandur" Romano or Nicholas "Proto" Maldonado take over for Enable until further notice. Both are currently loaned to Hybrid Gaming, which is a team that competes at Call of Duty Challengers.

Hybrid Gaming already made an appearance at Launch Week Challengers League, where they finished fourth. Now one of the two players will get a chance to join the big boys in the CDL in order to help Surge reach for better results.

The third event of 2020 CDL season is set to take off on February 22 in Atlanta, however, Seattle Surge won't be present at the said event, meaning we will get to see them in action later on March 7, when Los Angeles homestand event begins.

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