HellRaisers replace scoobyxie with AiyvaN

HellRaisers replace scoobyxie with AiyvaN

HellRaisers, a Ukrainian esports organization announced earlier this Friday, they are parting ways with Alexander "scoobyxie" Marynych, who was immediately replaced by Ivan "AiyvaN" Semenets as the team's new AWPer for their 2020 CS:GO roster.


HellRaisers made a post on their official website this Friday, January 10, titled "HellRaisers.CS:GO Roster Changes", where they unveiled the team will part ways with their AWPer scoobyxie, who will be replaced by AiyvaN as the team’s new AWPer and the fifth member of HellRaisers.

Scoobyxie is a 22-year CS:GO player, who started his career as a professional in January 2018, when he joined Spray'n'pray, where he remained for barely 20 days before joining up with a Portuguese CS:GO team k1ck eSports Club, who were at the time assembling a new CIS team.

Joining k1ck was a huge stepping stone for scoobyxie, who started to make a name for himself with incredible performances, which helped his team win several C-Tier events, including Stream.me - CIS Challenger League, Rivalry CIS Invitational and Stream.me Gauntlet - CIS vs EU #22. Unfortunately, his run with k1ck ended on August 19, 2018, when the team decided to release all of their CIS players in order to sign an all-Portuguese roster.

Following his departure from k1ck, scoobyxie joined a CIS stack UnderPressure, which consisted of Denis "seized" Kostin, Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov, Sergey "starix" Ischuk and Nikolaj "kAliNkA" Rysakov. The stack competed at CIS Minor Championship - Katowice 2019 Open qualifiers where they swept the competition and finished first. Unfortunately, they failed to see the same success in the closed qualifiers where UnderPressure finished fifth-eighth.

After playing in several CIS stacks in the next couple of months, scoobyxie got picked up by Runtime.gg where he stayed for just over two months before moving to Vega Squadron and later in September 2019 moved to HellRaisers.

With HellRaisers, scoobyxie found success hard to come by, as the team failed to make much noise in the CS:GO scene. His best result with HellRaisers came in December when the Ukrainian team participated at the DreamHack Delhi Invitational 2019 and made a grand final run, but eventually lost to the trophy hoisters pro 100. In Delhi, scoobyxie played a pivotal role in HR success, as he put up an impressive 1.23 tournament rating, which is far above his career average (1.10).

Despite his impressive contribution to the team in Delhi, as well as in the team's ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe run where they finished 11th-12th, scoobyxie was let go and is as of today without a team. His replacement, as announced, will be AiyvaN, a 23-year-old sniper, who previously played for eXplosive, Quantum Bellator Fire, Spray’n’pray, and pro100. As stated by HellRaisers, they picked up AiyvaN due to his hard-working mentality and the talent he has shown throughout his five-year-long career as a CS:GO pro.

AiyvaN was most recently affiliated with pro100, but was a free agent since he parted ways with Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko's team in August 2019. This, however, won't be AiyvaN's first appearance with HellRaisers, as he did, previously play for the Ukrainian squad as a stand-in at the IEM Katowice 2020 European qualifiers, which took place in December.

"I’m very grateful to the organization and the guys for the chance to prove myself. I’m motivated and excited to finally make good use of the mana I’ve been saving for the past six months," said AiyvaN.

"We’ve had lots of changes over the last six months. It hasn’t been an easy period for our CS:GO team, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel. We are not giving up, we are not going anywhere. We are here to stay. I’m glad to welcome AiyvaN to our team. Ivan fit in really well, and we’re all happy to have him," said Alex "Magician" Slabukhin, HellRaisers' CEO.

With the new arrival, HellRaisers locked in their roster for 2020, which will look as follows:

Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow

Žygimantas "nukkye" Chmieliauskas

Vadim "Flarich" Karetin

Ivan "AiyvaN" Semenets

Igor "crush" Shevchenko

Written by KrajnikT

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