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How to make money on CS:GO

How to make money on CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most popular games on PC, not just in eSports either, it has thousands online at all times playing non-competitively too. This is partly due to it being such a great game to play, but also because people can make money on it as well. So let’s have a little look at the way in which you can make money from CS:GO.

The obvious way to make money on CS:GO is to go pro and win tournaments. I’ve been lucky enough to go and watch some great matchups, from Vexed winning the CS:GO tournament at Insomnia 61, to Na’Vi take on Astralis at the CS:GO London Major last year, and there was £500,000 to be won. And that’s not the only tournament with a big prize pool. There are tournaments all over the world for everyone to enter. From small ones for those not affiliated with a team to much bigger events that see the world’s best players competing against one another.

The problem with this method is that you actually have to be good at the game to get anywhere. The best way to go about getting that good is to practice constantly, and I mean, like all the time. If you aren’t at work, eating or sleeping, you should be hammering in the hours on the game, constantly trying to improve. And if you are working, maybe you should give up to focus on your esports career. The best mode to do this in would be Competitive, as people there aren’t just playing for fun, they’re playing to win, and so the difficulty level is much higher.

As you get better, you’ll rise through the ranks and who knows. Maybe one day you’ll be picked up by a professional team and be standing on a stage somewhere holding one of those super-sized cheques for a lot of money.

If you’re not good enough to go pro though, you can always make money off them instead by betting on competitive CS:GO matches. And this is the second way you can make money from the game.

Just like any traditional sport, eSports have betting markets too, and they’re becoming more and more popular all the time, with new markets to bet on every day with some of the leading bookmakers around.

If betting isn’t your thing, there is one last way you can make money from CS:GO. Weapon skins. There are many throughout the game for each weapon, including your knives. Allowing you to look cool as you take on the opposing side in games. However, there are many skins that are rare due to their limited availability for example, and people will pay for these. And they will pay big prices.

Take the AK47 Legion of Anubis skin, this currently sells for anywhere between £62.73 to £307.94 according to CSGO Stash. That’s a lot of money just for skins. And they can be quite easy to get. You can pick them up by winning games and opening crates, or you can grab them from stores. Or, there is one more way you can earn skins, by gambling them.

This isn’t quite like placing a bet on a competitive event. Instead, you’re betting on yourself and putting your skin up against that of other players, known as pink slipping, similar to how illegal drag races work. You both put up your favoured possessions and the winner takes all. If you’re good, but maybe not quite good enough to go pro or don’t have the time to put in to go pro, this could be the way of making money for you.

You don’t have to be the best in the world to win skins through pink slipping, just better than your opponent. You may obviously have to start off with lower value skins, but as you play more, you’ll win better loot and eventually, you can use that to pink slip against other players with better loot too. Get something good, and you can sell it on for a tasty profit.

So, if you’re looking to make a bit of money from gaming, CS:GO could be the perfect game to do so on, due to the number of ways money can be made.

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