MhL returns to AGO CS:GO roster

MhL returns to AGO CS:GO roster

AGO, a Polish CS:GO team have announced the return of their AWPer Miłosz "mhL" Knasiak, who has re-joined their main CS:GO roster ahead of OGA Counter PIT Season 7.


The 17-year-old AWPer was benched from AGO's main CS:GO roster earlier last week, in order to do some "individual work" before making his return to the team. The initial announcement from AGO, which unveiled the benching of mhL read:

"By the decision of our coaching staff, sniper mhL will spend the upcoming weeks on individual work in the areas calibrated by the trainers."

Although the initial plan was for mhL to remain an inactive member of the team for a couple of weeks, the Polish AWPer made a return to the main roster after barely six days, as revealed by AGO on Monday, February 17, on their official Twitter page.

During his absence, AGO fielded a backup player Maciej "F1KU" Miklas as a stand-in, while Damian "Furlan" Kislowski took over as the new AWPer. Since mhL's departure from the team, AGO participated at Rio Major European Qualifiers, as well as FLASHPOINT Season 1: European Qualifier, but failed to see any success.

At the Europe Minor Championship - Rio 2020: Open Qualifier #4, AGO started strong with a 16-0 win over Team Excellency, to which they added a 16-14 win over sAw, but fell flat in the Round of 16, where they got eliminated by SMASH Esports.

Their run at FLASHPOINT European qualifiers was hardly any more successful, considering AGO crashed out of the event in the first stage, after a 1-2 defeat against Tricked, followed by a 0-2 defeat against Gambit Youngsters, meaning the Polish squad finished the qualifiers at the bottom of the standings.

Following a streak of poor results, AGO decided to allow mhL to return to the squad in a bid to find better success at the OGA Counter PIT Season 7. Entering the said event, AGO announced they will be without Dominik "GruBy" Swiderski due to some medical treatment, meaning F1KU got his stay with the main roster extended for a bit longer.

As it stands now, AGO already played one game at OGA Counter PIT Season 7, on Monday, where they bested Gambit Youngsters (2-1), thus avenging their defeat from FLASHPOINT qualifiers.

The said match started off on Dust II, where AGO lost 8-16 with a disastrous performance, which saw them lose 12 rounds in the first half alone. While they found their footing on T-side, it was too late for the Polish side to salvage anything from game one. That said, they switched into a higher gear on Mirage, where they decimated their adversaries 16-5. 

AGO completely outclassed Gambit Youngsters on the T-side, winning 13 rounds in the first half, while the two teams split three rounds each in the second half. MhL played a pivotal role in AGO's success, as he accumulated the most kills (24) and averaged an impressive 1.63 rating with +13 KD and 94.7 ADR.

He continued with his impressive performance on Train, where AGO finished their reverse sweep with a dominant 16-11 win. While it was Gambit Youngsters' player Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov, who was the most efficient player with 24 kills to his name, mhL averaged the most AWP kills (16) and finished the map with 1.00 rating and +2 KD. The Polish youngster ended the series with a solid 1.07 rating, 30 AWP kills and +5 KD, thus played a crucial role in AGO's win, which earned them a spot in the semi-finals, where the Polish side will play against Nemiga on Thursday, February 20.

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