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Orgless reportedly disbanded their CS:GO roster

Orgless reportedly disbanded their CS:GO roster

A North American CS:GO team Orgless have disbanded their roster this Tuesday, according to reports from Electronic Sports League (ESL).


Orgless, which consists of Matthew “Wardell” Yu, Pujan “FNS” Mehta, Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, and Gage “Infinite” Green have reportedly dropped out of ESL One: Road to Rio tournament and decided to disband their roster, as unveiled by ESL on their official Twitter page.

"Team “Orgless” have decided to not compete in the rest of the ESL One: Road to Rio and have disbanded," read the announcement.

Because the qualifiers for the first Major Series tournament of the year is already mid-way through, ESL are unable to replace Orgless, which ushered the organisers to nullify all results other teams have accumulated against Orgless.

"As ESL One: Road to Rio is already in competition we are unable to replace them. All teams who have played against Orgless will have their results nullified," added ESL.

Orgless was established at the start of February when FNS, Wardell, Subroza, yay and Infinite decided to come together to fight under a unified banner. Their first competitive appearance came at Americas Minor Championship - Rio 2020: North American Open Qualifier #2, where Orgless lost in round one and finished at 17th-32nd place. Despite their humiliating display at the Rio qualifiers, Orgless bounced back with a successful run through Flashpoint Season 1: North American Open Qualifier #1, which gave then the needed motivation to make it through Americas Minor Championship - Rio 2020: North American Open Qualifier #4 .

In mid-February, FNS and co. made it through Flashpoint Season 1: North American Qualifier and secured the top seed at Flashpoint Season 1: LAN Qualifier at the start of March, which earned them a ticket for the inaugural season of FLASHPOINT. Despite their success and all the CS:GO talent this stack had, however, Orgless failed to find an esports organisation to sponsor them.

Orgless' most recent competitive appearance came at FLASHPOINT, where FNS and co. saw a reasonable amount of success. Orgless ended Phase 1 in the grand finals of Group C, where they narrowly lost to Cloud9 (1-2), who edged past them with 16-14 on the third map. Although Orgless failed to impress during Phase 2 where they crashed out of their group in round one following two losses against MiBR (0-2) and Dignitas (1-2), their grand finals appearance in Phase 1 earned them enough points to secure a spot in the playoffs.

In the FLASHPOINT playoffs, Orgless made it to round two of the lower bracket after losing to MiBR (1-2), defeating Chaos EC (2-0) and suffering a reverse-sweep (1-2) against Cloud9. Their run through FLASHPOINT earned them a fifth-sixth place finish and US $35,000 in tournament winnings.

Since it was unveiled Orgless have disbanded there were no announcement what will happen with the players, although there are some speculations Orgless disbanded because they got acquired by an esports organisation. There is a possibility Orgless could get signed by FunPlus Phoenix, who were set to enter the CS:GO scene, but stepped away from the deal with Heroic due to Patrick “es3tag” Hansen's announcement he is joining Astralis in summer.

Other possibilities are that the quintet will separate, considering Wardell was on the radar of many North American esports organisations for a while due to his renown as one of the best AWPer in the region. Meanwhile, all remaining four players are established talents and should not have any difficulties finding a new home, if they so desire.

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