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Red Bull and FACEIT announce 2v2 CS:GO tournament - Red Bull Flick

Red Bull and FACEIT announce 2v2 CS:GO tournament - Red Bull Flick

Red Bull AOC and FACEIT joined forces to announce a brand new CS:GO 2v2 tournament called the Red Bull Flick, which will feature duos from all over the world competing for the largest slice of US $22,000 (€20,000) prize pool.


The Red Bull Flick will be played on the FACEIT platform, utilizing its anti-cheat software, in a bid to establish competitive integrity, which is often breached in the amateur tournament such as this one. The event will be played in a brand new game mode, created by Red Bull, titled Hold the Flag (not to be confused by Capture the Flag).

The duos will compete on five uniquely designed maps, which will offer "unique settings and game mechanics to keep the competition varied", according to the famous energy drink company. The five custom maps for the Red Bull Flick tournament are called Castle, Garden, Speedway, Matrix, and Himalaya. All the mentioned maps are already available to play on Steam, giving the players enough time to get familiar with the layout and the mechanics behind them.

All matches will be played 2v2 in a best-of-five (Bo5) format, with each round lasting for two minutes. Teams will win the round by either capturing and holding the flag area for 45 seconds or by having less time remaining after the end of the round.

Each map will offer a unique experience for CS:GO players, such as they never experienced before. The maps will offer a lot of variety of play with its design and utilities that will be scattered across the area, such as weapons, and equipment, which will help the teams neutralize their adversaries.

Each duo team will begin their journey by competing in national events, with over a dozen countries running its own national championships to select the best duos who will represent their nations in the Red Bull Flick EU Pro Invitational, where the teams will have a chance to take on professional CS:GO players for their share of the $22,000 (€20,000) prize pool.

Red Bull also announced there will be pan-national tournaments for countries without national tournaments, each with $3,300 (€3,000) in the pot and qualifying slots at the main event up for grabs.

The national events will include the following countries: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The Pan-national tournaments, however, will run in four regions in CIS, Western Europe, North America and Latin America.

The pan-national tournaments will begin on May 16, with the schedule available on the FACEIT's official website.

Pan-National tournaments:

Red Bull Flick: Pan-Nationals - CIS (May 16)

Red Bull Flick: Pan-Nationals - LATAM (May 16)

Red Bull Flick: Pan-Nationals - EUW (May 23)

Red Bull Flick: Pan-Nationals - NA (May 23)

Teams can register for the event at www.faceit.com for free, although with the spots filling up very fast, only those who act quickly will have a chance to secure a spot in the competition.

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