Taking a look at the Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass

With the Season 1 update looming, coming December 3, there’s still a lot of unknown in terms of what the Battle Pass will hold. We know some of the rewards that will be featured but have no idea to what capacity. It’s expected that Infinity Ward will somewhat follow Call of Duty Mobile’s model they’ve implemented. There will be a Free and Premium version that offers different rewards like COD Mobile, with the Premium, costing $10, giving more advanced items. Although, the Free version won’t hinder those who choose not to pay. 


What rewards are coming with the Battle Pass?

As of right now, we know a few of the items that the Battle Pass will feature. In both the Free and Premium versions, there will be two new weapons available, the RAM-7 and Holger-26.

However, the difference is the Free version will only offer the base model of the weapons. The Premium Pass will give players variants of those weapons. For the RAM-7, the ‘Corruptor’ variant will be at tier 98 of the Battle Pass. The Holger-26 features the ‘Gilded’ variant at a tier around the middle of the Pass. 

Along with the weapons, both Passes will feature COD Points. Though, since there are no supply drops, the COD Points will only be used to purchase extra tiers in the Battle Pass. This closely follows the Fortnite/V-Buck model Epic Games uses in their Battle Pass. 

As for the rest of the rewards, there will be a plethora of items already in Modern Warfare. So calling cards, emblems, charms, sprays, watches, and other weapon blueprints should be earnable. 

One thing we know for certain won’t be in the Battle Pass are gameplay-altering items. Unlike COD Mobile, which features stat-changing weapons, there will only be cosmetic rewards in Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass. 


Modern Warfare needs a promising update 

The Season 1 update is set to launch on December 3 around 1 P.M. eastern time. Currently, Modern Warfare is in an extremely bad state, with fans and professional players alike upset with the game’s current path. 

However, Infinity Ward have a golden opportunity to right the ship with this update. While it won’t fix many of the game’s problems, it will give players something else to focus on. Right now, Modern Warfare needs the Battle Pass to be a big hit and give players a goal to strive for. 

Additionally, the new maps and weapons should please fans. However, it’s up to Infinity Ward to ensure they build on the foundation they lay with Season 1. Let’s hope they can figure out how to do that. 

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