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TaZ and NEO start a new CS:GO team

TaZ and NEO start a new CS:GO team

Filip "NEO" Kubski and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas have announced they will join forces to create a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in a bid to continue the legacy they have created in their successful career as Counter-Strike pros.


TaZ and NEO are two prominent names in the CS:GO scene, mostly known for their success during Counter-Strike 1.6. Back then, they were a part of a Golden Five Polish line-up, which won three World Cyber Games titles, two Electronics Sports World Cups and Intel Extreme Masters I.

The Polish duo played together since April 2004 up to February 2018, which included joint ventures in CS:GO under ESC Gaming, Universal Soldiers, AGAiN and lastly at Virtus.pro, where they played for over four years. The success of former Golden Five roster under Virtus.pro is well documented and includes a plethora of tournament tiles, including a Major title at DreamHack masters Last Vegas 2017.

Unfortunately, the NEO-TaZ partnership ended in February 2018, when TaZ got moved to Virtus.pro's inactive roster. He later played for Team Kinguin, devils.one and ARCY. NEO on the other side played for Virtus.pro until December 2018, when he as well got moved to the inactive roster. In May 2019, NEO moved to FaZe Clan as a substitute and left the North American organisation in September, after barely four months. Since then he was without a team, until NEO signed with ARCY on January 3, 2020 when he reunited with TaZ.

NEO and TaZ played together at ARCY for less than two weeks, as ARCY decided to disband its roster on January 14, 2020, following roster instability and series of underwhelming results, leaving the Polish duo without a team.

In a bid to extend their legacy as two of the iconic CS:GO players, NEO and TaZ decided to launch their own CS:GO team, which they announced this Friday, February 7. While the details about their project are at this stage still very scarce, the press release provided by the them unveiled that a recruitment process is being conducted to establish a team with "the most talented and promising players in the Polish scene".

"It’s obvious that Neo and I needed time to work through our past," said TaZ.

"When you have played with someone for so many years, spent so much time together and shared moments of both glory and defeat, it’s difficult to sort things out."

"Time has worked in our favour though. It showed that the bond we have is much bigger than only the game we play together."

Throughout their careers, TaZ and NEO played together for 14 years on teams such as Pentagram, Meet Your Makers and lastly at Virtus.pro. During that time they won some of the biggest and most prestigious trophies of the franchise, including the Major in 2014.

While winning another Major is surely on their minds, doing so will demand a lot of work in order to build a team capable of achieving that feat. Whether NEO and TaZ will be able to put together a Major-winning team is at this point anyone's guess and while such achievement might be a bit out of reach considering how stacked the CS:GO scene is right now, it's still nice to see that NEO and TaZ are determined to help the Polish CS:GO scene grow in hopes we might see another version of Golden Five in not so distant future.

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