Team Liquid Win Against G2 to win ESL Pro League Season 9

Team Liquid and G2 were the finalists in the ESL Pro League Season 9. Two teams faced each other in Montpellier with a lot of speculations. Speculations are coming up on the French G2 win. However, the team did not succeed to overpower the number one team in the world.

Dust 2 Winner

The opening map took the finalist encountered in Dust 2. First, it was evident that G2 will lead with its initial performance of 7-1. However, this performance did not help much to register a win. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski dominated the game with 8-7 in the half. The second half also favored and masked as the Team Liquid Players. The side brought things in their favor with 14-9. Things are unfavorable for G2 and the team steps up with force overtime and AWPing.

Team Liquid responded well quickly with the overtime and ended with 19-15. G2 was unable to put up even one round on the scoring board. The team could not perform well and was unable to cope with the stellar performance from ELiGE. He made 32 frags on the map. In the meantime, Richard “shox” Papillon seemed like the missing element on Dust 2.

Team Liquid Had Expertise on Overpass

Team Liquid was very dangerous on Overpass throughout. Though G2 secured the two rounds initially, still, the rest of the game was completely out of their control. When the opposite side got hold of the rifles, G2 was totally helpless on the map. Things looked worse when kennyS faced difficulties in the opening battles. He only succeeded in winning one out of the seven with bottom fragging for his team. But shox had the body fighting only and that ended the match with 17 frags.

Team Liquid finished the half in their favor with 12-3 scoreline. Also, the second half was in their favor when Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken got a 3K in the pistol and continued the mojo. Here again, G2 was helpless to enter bombsites. So, it offered an easy time to Liquid on ct-side. The team closed out the Overpass with 16-3.

It is difficult to say who performed best since all players were performing exceptionally well. Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella was having a fun time AWPing and was looking like the most powerful player strategically. But you can say that the whole team effort shined in the end.

G2 Return on Nuke

Finally, Nuke brought kennyS and his team to the game back. G2 started showing some improvement by entering the bombsites relentlessly. They use some unorthodox methods to mess the opponent’s head. However, it was not that impactful and Team Liquid got some scattered rounds and final three that made them score 7-8, ending with a strong 3K by EliGE.

In the second half, the Americans secured two first rounds that include pistol before the opponent got two of their defense. kennyS’s outstanding performance with a fantastic rifling effort by Audric “JaCkz” Jug and François “AmaNEk” Delaunay ensured their comeback to the game. It was too much for the terrorist side of Team Liquid. In the end, G2 was dominating the game with 16-12.

Inferno Witnessed Some Changes

Inferno is popular for being so hectic. Like last year, this time also, the match was crazy. The first half of the game was back and forth. None of them performed better. Team Liquid’s Fantastic retakes and the entry denials enabled to snatch the half with 8-7. In the second half, G2 was dominant with the pistol and two rounds.

Eventually, Team Liquid pulled away to 13-10. However, their attack did not prove effective and G2 dominated with 15-14. They were only short of one point to square the match at 2-2 series. Twistzz had some other plans and succeeded to plant the bomb and also defend b-site, forcing overtime.

Once again, overtime was hectic for both teams. None of them let it go and that created a clutch situation. The performance of KennyS and shox was not enough to dominate the game. The trio EliGE, Twistzz, and Stewie2K managed to show off. Team Liquid closed things at 25:22.

In the end, the team became the winner by defeating their opponent G2 at 3-2 maps. The victory made the team lift ESL Season 9 Trophy. The team is just one victory away to win the Intel Grand Slam. Things were unpredictable until the end. Both the teams performed extremely well to register the win.

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