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Team Secret announces their new CS:GO roster

After a two year hiatus from the esport, Team Secret has returned to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In 2017, the team featured an all-female roster that housed names such as Julia “juliano” Kiran and Ksenia “ vilga” Kluenkova. This time around, however, Team Secret is going the more traditional route and bringing aboard an all-male roster. They start competing as early as today, with Season 5 of Lootbet already underway. You can follow all of Team Secret’s CS:GO operations on Twitter and their official team website. 

Team Secret makes their return to the CS:GO scene

Although their previous roster of women did quite well, winning Intel Challenge Katowice 2017, Team Secret went the opposite route this time. After disbanding their previous roster in June of 2017, Team Secret hasn’t made an appearance in CS:GO. However, that all changes with the signing of their new squad. 

Formerly known as “m1x”, this squad has been competing together since August of 2019. They were an average team if you look at the win/loss column, but the roster is thought to have large amounts of potential. Team Secret is taking the chance that with the right support, this roster could be great. 

Team Secret is among several teams to pick up a CS:GO roster in the last month or so. Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves are just a couple of the big name organizations to enter CS:GO. Though, while Team Secret’s roster may not be as well-known as the others in the scene, their potential for championships is through the roof. 

The hope for Team Secret is for their CS:GO team to make the same impact that their Dota 2 roster has. Time will tell if this is the next great roster in the long-running history of CS:GO esports. 

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