Which Call of Duty League team has the upper hand so far?

We’re a little over a month into Modern Warfare and each Call of Duty League team has been practicing vigorously. Day in and day out, every CDL roster hops on and scrimmages Hardpoint and Domination all day long. However, when day turns to night, most players turn their attention to Search and Destroy tournaments to improve in that game mode. Although most professionals don’t play with others from their team, it’s the practice that counts. 

With everyone now caught up and grinding daily, there’s bound to be a team or two that stand out from the rest. Whether it be from sheer practice or a knack for Modern Warfare, some players and teams are ahead of the pack. So far, out of the 12 CDL teams, there’s been one that has an upper hand on their opposition. 

The Dallas Empire are a step ahead 

From the moment Modern Warfare released, the consensus was the Dallas Empire were far and away the best team. While it does help they were among the first in the world to receive the game, they still grinded from sun up to sun down every day. 

With so much practice out of the gate, it’s no wonder why some teams were getting embarrassed by the Empire. Whether it was in Search and Destroy tournaments or in online public matches, no one could stop any of the Empire players. 

Consisting of two veterans and three young prodigies, Dallas has the makings to completely dominate the first year of the Call of Duty League. 


The current Dallas Empire roster: 

  • James “Clayster” Eubanks    

  • Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro    

  • Cuyler “Huke” Garland

  • Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal    

  • Ian “Crimsix” Porter    

In terms of sheer talent, no one overpowers the Empire. From two of the best veterans in Clayster and Crimsix to the trio of Huke, iLLeY, and Shotzzy, good luck out slaying this roster. 

It’s this talent paired with playing Modern Warfare all hours of the day that makes the Empire so far ahead of every other roster. The grind for the Dallas players doesn’t seem to stop, especially for iLLeY. 

The recently turned 18 year old is on his first professional team and wants to ensure his year one is the best it can be. Most would agree that out of the entirety of professional players, iLLeY has been playing the most since Modern Warfare launched. 

The Empire roster is always scrimmaging or playing in Search and Destroy tournaments. It’s rare to see them lose a Hardpoint or Domination match in online practice. However, whether or not this sheer dominance translates into success come 2020 is the big question. 

Although, if there’s one team you want to bet on, it’s most likely the Dallas Empire. Going into the inaugural season of the CDL, Dallas seems to have the upper hand. 

Honorable mention: The Chicago Huntsmen 

Of course, there are other teams in the CDL that have found early success in Modern Warfare. The Chicago Huntsmen, arguably the best all-around roster, are one of those rosters. 

Similar to Dallas, Chicago is doing extremely well in online practice and also in Search and Destroy. Matthew “FormaL” Piper is right on iLLeY’s tail for the hardest grinder in the CDL, as he’s seemingly always on playing. 

If there was one team that could possibly take down Dallas, it would be Chicago. The slaying power of both teams is nearly equal as is the team chemistry. However, Chicago does have an edge when it comes to experience, as their entire roster has been to a Grand Finals. Dallas, on the other hand, has two rookies in Shotzzy and iLLeY. 

We’ll have to wait and see which roster comes out on top when 2020 rolls around. It’s sure to be must-see T.V. when these two teams meet for the first time. 

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