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8 Most Popular Dota Heroes of All Time

8 Most Popular Dota Heroes of All Time

In Dota 2, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to pick options. Currently, there are more than 120 different heroes to choose from. Although Dota 2 heroes fall into broad categories and boast different abilities, roles aren't as crucial as they are in other MOBA games like League of Legends. Nonetheless, some heroes are popular with others. Below, we explore eight of the most-played heroes of all time.

8. Earthshaker

For many Dota 2 players, Earthshaker is an easy choice of hero. When you consider his devastating range of magical abilities, it's not hard to see why this fearsome entity is such a favorite with fans. His stun abilities can render enemies obsolete, while he easily counters illusions cast by rival players. Meanwhile, several of his abilities have a wide area of effect, making him incredibly valuable on the battlefield.

7. Mirana

If you like to keep your distance, a ranged hero like Mirana is a good choice. As with many other heroes in Dota 2, Mirana impresses with her versatility. The Princess of the Moon can be put to good use in many different roles, although she's particularly devastating when set upon enemies with little resistance to magical abilities. Her leap ability is useful for dodging incoming attacks, while her ultimate can be used to attack or defend.

6. Axe

Axe is always a good shout if you're taking on a jungler role. This intimidating hero does particularly well against melee enemies. Meanwhile, his high armor and speed stats make him particularly nimble. As with Earthshaker, Axe's abilities can be used to clear the battlefield, especially when unleashed during later stages of the game.

5. Legion Commander

Legion Commander certainly looks the part, but how well does perform on the battlefield? The answer is incredibly well. Legion Commander has a slate of unique abilities that can help turn the tide, even when the odds are stacked against you. Use abilities like Moment of Courage to put a serious dent in enemy HP or Press the Attack when you're in a difficult spot.

4. Invoker

Have you been following Dota 2 tournaments at 1337pro? There's a good chance you'll have seen Invoker picked a few times by the professionals. Invoker's

repertoire of magical abilities puts many other heroes to shame. In the right hands, Invoker can unleash chaos on the enemy with unforgiving combos. However, he's not the most user-friendly of heroes. If you're a relative newbie, it's worth seeking out some gameplay guides to help you master this hero. Nonetheless, Invoker remains popular with fans. In 2022, he was picked for more than 33 million different matches.

3. Juggernaut

Unlike Invoker, Juggernaut is an easy choice for first-time players. All of his base stats are impressive, meaning beginners will have little trouble putting him to work in any battle situation. In 2022, Juggernaut was picked for more than 41 million matches. However, don't write him off as a populist choice designed for rookies. With a little practice, the more experienced player can turn this deadly samurai into someone who can bring the enemy to their knees.

2. Sniper

Sniper has always stood out from the rest of the Dota 2 lineup. In 2022, this deadly swarf was picked for more than 42 million matches. Why do so many players love Sniper? His base stats are surprisingly high, making him a nimble operator who can also unleash punishing attacks from the off.

1. Pudge

With a pick rate of of 33.54%, Dota 2's Pudge is the most popular hero by a comfortable margin. In 2022, Pudge was picked for more than 55 million matches. Pudge's hooks allow you to drag enemies in for the attack. Alternatively, this same ability can be used to pull your allies out of the line of the fire. While low-level players can have plenty of fun with Pudge, a more experienced gamer can use him to clear the field in no time at all.

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