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Dendi officially reveals his Dota 2 roster

Dendi officially reveals his Dota 2 roster

The International 2011 champion Danil "Dendi" Ishutin has been his own Dota 2 roster for a few months now, but it was not until this Thursday, February 6, that he officially unveiled the full lineup and all the details about his new team dubbed B8.


Dendi is a player that needs no special introduction to anyone who is even remotely familiar with Dota 2 pro scene. As the champion of the inaugural International tournament and three-time finalist, Dendi has made a name for himself as one of the best Dota 2 players in history, while his unique charm and loving-personality turned him into one of the most likeable esports personalities.

Throughout his Dota 2 career, Dendi has won a plethora of titles, which allowed his career to reach incredible heights, most of which came during his time with Natus Vincere, where he spent almost nine years from December 2010 to August 2019, although he was an inactive member for the majority of his last year with the CIS team.

Throughout 2019, Dendi played for Tigers and Pango, all while he was developing his own esports organisation. Dendi made his plans of creating a Dota 2 team public earlier in September 2019, yet the development process was rather slow. On January 27, 2020, Dendi finally made an official announcement, unveiling his Dota 2 team, however, even at that time, not a lot of information was available besides two of the most important things - Dendi will have his own Dota 2 team and it will be named B8.

This Thursday, however, Dendi finally unveiled all five members of his new Dota 2 team.


Alexandr "pio65" Zalivako

Danil "Dendi" Ishutin

Andrey "Ghostik" Kadyk

Rinat "KingR" Abdullin

Nikola "LeBronDota" Popović


Dendi has decided to retain his position as the mid laner, having played the said role throughout his nine-year-long career. Joining him will be KingR and LeBronDota, who already played alongside Dendi in a MR stack, which was a prototype version of B8 formed earlier in December.

As number one, B8 will field pio65, a Belarus Dota 2 player, who started his Dota 2 career in October 2017, when he joined Nemiga. He later played for The Brestomans and Pavaga Junior, before joining Gentlemen in November 2018, where he spent most of his career. In January, pio65 left Gentlemen, who sold their entire team to forZe.

Since then, pio65 appeared at Hot Price League and OMG.BET Cup 2 while playing for Modus Unity as a stand-in. Unfortunately, the team did not see much success in their ventures, having finished the tournaments at eighth-11th and fifth-sixth place respectively.

As the team's number three, Dendi signed Ghostik, with whom he already played at various qualifier stacks. Besides Dendi, Ghostik is one of the most experienced Dota 2 player of the new team. He started his professional Dota 2 career in August 2015, when he joined aSpera. Ghostik later played for Fantastic Five 2015, RoX, Team Spirit, Team Empire, Odium, Pango, Positive Guys and most recently for Team Spirit.

Ghostik left Team Spirit in December 2019, after an internal disagreement that came as a result of different views of the player and the team. The Ukrainian Dota 2 pro was then replaced by Alexey "nongrata" Vasilyev, who is currently still a trial member at Team Spirit.

The new B8 roster was announced the team’s official Twitter page this Thursday, February 6, alongside the team's new sponsorship with Rivalty - an esports betting website, which already has ties with other Dota 2 teams such as FURIA Esports and beastcoast.

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