Dota 2 Summer Scrub update will fix issues before TI9

There is no doubt that Dota 2 is indeed a big rage and it is being an addiction of sorts for millions of people across the world. However, there are some irritating and disturbing bugs. Valve is working towards solving it and according to latest reports, it has plans to come out with a number of major bug fixes and updates. This is work-in-progress right now but it is expected to be completed before The International 2019 or TI9. The developer of Dota 2 has gone on record stating that they will be performing an extensive and thorough game cleansing action. This is being named as The Summer Scrub 2019. The objective is to ensure that Dota 2 is in the best of shape before the big event. According to inside reports, the developers have been given the task of paying close attention to various bug reports emanating from different sources. They also have been asked to take into account suggestions for improvement that have been given by various players and other stakeholders.


Problems With Reddit Users

It would be pertinent to mention here that many Reddit users have come across quite a few issues and errors. Hence, this move on the part of Valve is timely and perhaps even proactive. The TI9 tournament is not very far away and it just around 60 days away. Therefore, this step was necessary so that there are no game-breaking issues when the actual event takes place. Those who are in close touch with Dota 2 realize that TI9 is the battle Royale as far as the Dota Pro Circuit is concerned. It has some of the brightest and biggest names taking place and they are all special in the overall Dota 2 scene.


Quite A Bit Of Excitement Over The Tournament

It also would be pertinent to mention here that there is quite a bit of hype as far as the final prize money and the tournament is concerned. It is believe that the final prize pool is increasing with each passing day. It is, therefore, quite obvious that the fans are getting extremely excited with new content releases. These include Tiny Prestige item and also the much-awaited Invoker Hero Persona. While all these are mostly focused towards the Summer Scrub, the updates also talked about the release date of the above content releases.


Some Details Of Summer Scrub

The developer also has asked for some help from the community for making a good job of the Summer Scrub. He has sought help from the end-users and has requested them to go beyond the ordinary so that they are able to make some big difference at the end of the day. It is quite likely that many users might have come across bugs. These could include not being able to listen to listen to your friends and other people who are a part of the party. Many also have complained about not being able to see the proper loading of the profiles of their friends. Quite a few also have also complained about not being able to chat in various regional public channels.


Valve Has Its Job Cut-Out

There is no denying the fact that Valve has its job cut-out. It has to come out with ways and means to thoroughly address these bugs before the big even. This will ensure that all the participants enjoy the even as best as they should. Hence, there is also a responsibility for players to report to the developers the various bugs and problems. This will help Valve to address the issues in the update and at the right time.


It would also be pertinent to mention here that Valve also has plans to add some improvements to this update. These perhaps will add quite a bit as far as the quality-of-life of the Dota 2 is concerned. To makes this possible, it is quite natural for developer to seek feedbacks from the community on this aspect also. If there are any ideas that community members have, it makes sense to share them rather than keeping it to themselves. It does not matter however simple the ideas might seem.


Invoker Hero Persona – Dota 2

Apart from the Summer Scrub operation, Valve also did talk about Invoker Hero Persona. This should be available to all players on July 10. Those who have crossed the 305 level in TI9 battle pass will be eligible for this.

Finally, Valve, on February 1, 2018 had come out with a release of the Spring Cleaning update. This included different user interface improvements and also some bug fixes were also done. Before this, there were similar update and they have been released periodically since 2014. Hence, there is quite a bit of expectation as far as Summer Scrub update is concerned. Keep in touch with Daily Esports for the latest on Dota 2 news and on other such relevant subjects.

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