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Dota 2 update fixes Festivus rewards and implements Turbo mode changes

Dota 2 update fixes Festivus rewards and implements Turbo mode changes

Valve has applied numerous small fixes to Dota 2 at the start of 2020, yet decided to release yet another update this Friday which addressed and fixed some minor bugs as well as implemented a few community-inspired quality of life changes to the game.


Only three days into 2020 and Dota 2 has already received its third small update of the year, which is set to slightly alter and change some in-game anomalies that have been troubling the player base.

So far we have seen updates, which ended events, altered a few of the game's functions, fixed bugs and introduced some new user interface features, as well as some changes to the Turbo mode. The most recent update, which went live this Friday, however, will address mouse click priority on wards, Festivus rewards, creep aggro and other quality of life changes.


Update notes:

- Fixed a bug that caused Frostivus chat wheels and consumable items to not be usable.

- Fixed a bug where some neutral creeps would not correctly de-aggro.

- Fixed a bug where the armory UI would not scroll to a typed hero name.

- Mouse clicks are now lower priority on friendly wards than enemy wards.

- Labels for items on the ground now appear after a short delay when holding Alt.

- Add an alias “Inai” for Void Spirit so that you can search for that on the hero grid.

- Turbo: The neutral item drop schedule is now 7 minutes earlier in Turbo games.


The first change announced in the newest update was a direct response to community suggestions on how to polish the game and fix the issues that were plaguing the game over the past couple of days.

First off, Valve decided to address the bug, which prevented players from properly activating Frostivus chat wheels and consumable items, causing many players to lose on items they would otherwise get as a part of the event. While this fix is in eyes of some long overdue, it's still nice to see Valve took their time to address it and properly fix it.

The second fix addressed possibly the most annoying bug in the game, which caused neutral creeps to improperly de-aggro, causing plenty of problems for the players, as it would lead to complicated interactions when camps would run out further as they should, making it a very dangerous situation for the player if he got jumped by the enemies.

The update to the mouse click priority on friendly wards was not necessarily an in-game bug that needed to be fixed, but rather a change that was inspired by the community suggestions. As claimed by the majority of the Dota 2 player base, they wanted to see lowered priority for mouse clicks on friendly wards in comparison to enemy wards, thus making it easier for them to destroy enemy vision without the added hassle of accidentally clicking on their own ward.

In a way, this was more of a quality of life change rather than a bug fix, yet it still received a lot of praise from the community, who were glad to see Valve is reading their suggestions and acts according to them.

Another community-inspired change was the added "Inai" alias for the Void Spirit, which was also greeted by the community's satisfaction as they realised their opinions and suggestions can and will make a change. With this update, Void Spirit or "Inai" not only got a cool new name but it also put him just slightly under Raijin Thunderking on the hero grid, making it much easier to find by the players.

Last but most certainly not least is the fix or in this case an update for the Turbo game, where players will from now on see the neutral items drop at the very start of the game instead of seven minutes in as it’s the case in the normal games. The change is said to add some more excitement to the already popular and fast-paced game, which quickly amassed thousands of fans since its release in 2017.

While this was already the third update of the year, we can expect a couple more to hit in the upcoming weeks in order to polish the game and fix any in-game issues before WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020 kicks off later on Thursday, January 9 in Bukovel, Ukraine.

Dota 2 players can also expect to see the next big patch drop shortly after Minor tournament ends and the final line-up for DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major is completed.

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