Dota Underlords Primordial Nerfs Incoming

If you had ever played Dota Underlords against the hardest level of bots, you’d always see them picking up Primordial Alliances. In the next upcoming patch that Valve is due to release, players are likely to see a change to Primordial and Hunter Alliances.

After the most recent patch for Dota Underlords, there has been a lot of conversation surrounding the new meta of the game. Previously, players would be able to tank damage early on whilst building up economy and eventually, given enough levels and units, would stabilize in the late game.

The most recent patch saw Valve’s auto battler change things up in a way that completely adjusted the play style. Players take more damage far earlier on, so it’s more beneficial for players to re-roll for different characters earlier in the game to establish some semblance of board control. There needs to be a fine balance here, because you’re obviously not going to be able to win every fight unless you’re quite lucky, but you’ll want to win enough so that you can progress into the later stages of the game with some life remaining.

The difficulty here is trying to balance economy against board control, and it’s obviously always beneficial to have win streaks added to your gold bonus too, this makes for a much harder game in general, and will likely reward the players who are less greedy. It seems to be quite effective to re-roll a few times early on in the game and try to get early levels so that you can get more units on the board.

If you’re able to do that, you generally hit a stumbling block at level 7 because it costs a lot more to upgrade to 8. This is probably where it’s best to start saving to increase your economy, and by then, your board should be able to see you through into the late game.


In a Twitter post, Valve stated that they would be making these changes, but left very little else. The more recent change that updated the meta of the game also showed a buff to the Primordial Alliance, which gave a 40% chance of disarming melee opponents, but also a 10% chance of disarming ranged opponents. The change of making Razer a tier one unit, down from tier three, also meant that you could get this Alliance online as early as round two. 

In addition to these changes, the Arc Warden also received an attack speed increase at two stars and at three stars, a rather large damage bonus. This has led to players focusing on getting a three-star Arc Warden due to his ability to summon a copy of himself, and with a Refresher Orb, a third copy.

As far as the Hunter buff goes, we can only hazard a guess, but feel that it must have something to do with the Medusa tier change, going from tier four to tier five. With Tidehunter also changing to another Alliance in that patch, it means that there are only 6 hunters available, and with Medusa’s tier, you’ll only get her after the 8th round, something that’s very hard to do in the current meta without strong Alliances.

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