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Dota2 Oceanic Esports League announced with a $15,000 prizepool

Dota2 Oceanic Esports League announced with a $15,000 prizepool

Oceanic Esports announced a Dota2 league for the Oceanic region, with 10 Dota2 teams in attendance, who will battle it out for the largest slice of US $15,000 in the prize pool.


The Oceanic Esports League will begin on April 13 with the regular season, which will run for seven weeks and conclude on May 30. After the regular season comes to an end, the playoffs will begin, where the top teams will battle it out throughout six days, from June 1 to June 6.

Unlike most other Dota2 esports tournaments, the Oceanic Esports League will differ with a special captain's draft format, which will see captains from teams draft from a pool of New Zealand and Australian teams. This unique feature was implemented into the tournament "in hopes to grow the scene as a whole," said co-founder of Oceanic Esports Justin "xMusiCa" Yuen, in a Reddit post.

In the official announcement on Oceanic Esports website, xMusiCa went on to talk about his vision with this tournament, claiming the event was created to give some lesser-known Australian Dota2 players a chance to not only prove themselves on the regional, but also the international level while addressing he believes in the region’s “limitless potential”.

"Oceanic Esports League started out as a vision for me and my partners back in 2019," said xMusiCa.

"There were many obstacles along the way that delayed the eventual launch of it, but I am happy to announce that in 2020, we are finally announce our very first iteration of the league!

"Our first season will showcase a MOBA genre called Dota 2. A game that has been close to my heart since 2006, where I first started my own Esports journey. I am glad to now be able to give my fellow Australian competitors a chance to begin their very own Esports conquest not just for Australia, but in the future, across the globe.

"I believe that the region Oceania has limitless potential, and is only hindered by the lack of chances that is given to us. We hope our efforts here will bring about a new era for of talent and competitiveness for Esports within Oceania and that it will bring much more opportunities for our athletes to compete against the best of the best across the globes."

The format of the tournament will feature 10 teams, with all fixtures played in the group stage played as best-of-two. Teams and captains participating at the event are:

Flash Point Gaming (Kouros1ve)

Sincerely Fury (Fury)

Benny Brian (Fantasy)

Burger Flippers (Zavier)

Sweaty Soldiers (Lon)

Equalizers (FiloRules)

Team Poyo (Calvin)

Pristine n Clean (Roger)

Spag and Sons (Spag)

S A D B O Y S.A U (LoseYourself)

The announcement of Oceanic Esports League comes on the heels of the announcements of WePlay! Esports’ Pushka League for Europe and CIS region, and Beyond the Summit’s Pro Series tournament, which will feature Americas and Southeast Asian region. All tournaments will be played online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely affected the esports scene, so it is nice to see tournament organisers are doing their best to provide us with some esports tournaments, which will not only give the players a chance to continue competing but also provides the fans with some quality esports content.

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