Drodo Studio's First Million-dollar Auto Chess Invitational

million prize pool. The winner will become the first World Champion for Auto Chess. The key players of this game will get a direct invitation. Others need to go through qualifiers to participate in this championship.

Qualifiers are being planned to be arranged in many regions worldwide. That will start soon in this August. Also, Drodo Studio is taking more initiatives to promote the championship through offline and online events. Meanwhile, developers are inspiring players to use its mobile version to hone their skill. This step might be the indication that the upcoming tournament will be more mobile-oriented.

Autobattler Genre’s Creation

Auto Chess released this year. As it was the first autobattler genre game, it achieved the desired popularity all over very quickly. The Dota-2 mod is also running now. Its success made Valve to restrict the earning by regulating the server resources. But developers did not take long to fix the issue and developed a friendly mobile version. You can use the mobile version on Android and iOS. It has independent servers and that will not work in a Steam client. However, Drodo brought some earning to Valve since players were left with no choice except downloading the game using a Steam client. Also, developers earned huge by using in game currency and microtransactions.

The Auto Chess’s separate PC version will be released at the end of this year. As developers initiated a partnership with the Epic Games, you will find the games in Epic Game Store. Reserve a copy for yourself now to get your games soon after the release. Also, it features the observation mode, another important feature of the esports. You can find games on the Unreal Engine four of Epic that will make physics and graphics look and feel better. Developers are planning to add cross-platform in the near future. It will enable PC and mobile users to play easily against one another.

A New Force & Addition in the Genre

Nowadays Auto Chess has lost its popularity in this genre. It is not that popular now. Recently, Riot games made a new addition, Teamfight tactics. This is a new and unique game mode for the League of the Legends MOBA. Even if the new release is a game mode only, but it looks like a powerful game in many different ways. This new update released a few days ago in the Public Beta Environment. After release, Teamfight made a statement on the viewership on Twitch. The statement makes it clear that the new mode is receiving huge popularity across. In fact, players wait for two hours in a queue to log into the PBE. All these are enough to prove the popularity of this new game mode.

All the recent developments in the esports center such as the Riot involvement, announcement of the Auto Chess Invitational, and Teamfight Tactics are making a buzz around about the esports scene. Fans speculate that autobattler will be to able to fit the esports model and gather popularity worldwide.

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