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LGD.International reveals its Dota 2 roster

LGD.International reveals its Dota 2 roster

After months of rumours and speculations, the LGD.International has finally revealed its fresh Dota 2 squad this Thursday, January 30, via Dota 2 Major and Minor tournament registration page.


Rumours surfaced earlier in November 2019, which claimed that the new LGD.Int Dota 2 roster will be announced before the end of the year, however, things did not go as planned which resulted in a delayed announcement. Nonetheless, the wait has finally ended this Thursday, when the LGD.Int SEA roster was revealed to the public.

Representing the team will be Christian "Skadi" John Abasolo, Wang "Gy" Kok Guan, Rick Lee "darly" Ryc Kee, Yuri "Yowe" Dave Pacaña and Pang "BrayaNt" Jian Zhe

Yowe has been involved in the competitive Dota 2 for barely four months, having made his first appearance in the scene on September 5, 2019, when he was acquired by Lowkey Esports. The 18-year-old Dota 2 pro has not seen much success throughout his rather short stint with Lowkey and left the team at the end of October. He has been a free agent since.

His new teammate Skaid (formerly known as Skadilicious) has been playing Dota 2 professionally since September 2018. In his career, Skadi played for both Neon Esports and most recently Lowkey Esports and although he did not reach any international achievements, Skadi has seen some local success with Neon, where he won several minor tournaments including Asia DOTA2 Gold Occupation Invitational Competition S2.

BrayaNt has been playing Dota 2 professionally since 2014 when he joined GeNySis. He later played for Fire Dragoon, New Beginning Geek Fam and most recently for CDEC Avenger. At CDEC, BrayaNt played alongside Gy and won the Asia Communication League Season 2 with CDEC. Two months later, the duo also made it to the finals of Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 Malaysia Finals.

The newly announced team is said to make its first appearance in Dota 2 competitive environment later next week at the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 SEA Open Qualifier. The said tournament will kick off on February 7, and conclude a day later, where we will see top two teams punch their ticket for the closed qualifiers, set to start on Sunday, February 9.

With this announcement, LGD.Int have unveiled their return to the Dota 2 pro scene after over six years. The team previously competed throughout 2012 and 2013, until December 26, 2013, when it was unveiled by Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier the team will disband. At that time, LGD.Int fielded Black^, Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille, Braxton "Brax" Paulson, Rasmus "MISERY" Filipsen and Nicholas "xFreedom" Kelvin Ileto Lim.

Since then, a lot has changed. Black^ became an analyst, Pajkatt is currently the head coach of Ninjas in Pyjamas, while xFreedom currently coaches Resurgence. Brax and MISERY, on the other side, still play Dota 2 competitively.

Brax is currently a member of J.Storm, having previously coached Digital Chaos, while MISERY turned coach in 2018 and later returned to play. He was recently acquired by Cloud9, who assembled their new Dota 2 roster on Wednesday, January 29.


LGD.International Dota 2 roster for 2020:

Christian "Skadi" John Abasolo

Wang "Gy" Kok Guan

Rick Lee "darly" Ryc Kee

Yuri "Yowe" Dave Pacaña

Pang "BrayaNt" Jian Zhe

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